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Castle Defense NFT {Jan 2022} Chart, Market Statistics!

Castle Defense NFT {Jan 2022} Chart, Market Statistics! >> Do you want to play and earn different crypto tokens? Read about the new platform that is taking the internet by storm.

Do you want to play NFT games on mobile browsers? If so, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will discuss the new treading game over the web, “Castle Defense.” It will help you get massive earning of digital assets in just a few hours. 

Remember- it is an epic tower defense game and can be played easily on the web browser directly without installing it. So, are you interested in the same? Of course, without further ado, let’s collect the complete information about this new NFT Philippines based game Castle Defense NFT

About Castle Defense

Castle Defense is a new Philippines-based game launched for everyone who wants to play and earn more NFT tokens. It has 40+ map levels along with four various themes and different types of magical skills, including fantastic powers to make your gaming experience the best. 

The best of this is you can play the game for free for longer hours. Just browse the game and start playing it. Isn’t it looking easy? Let us see some of its features.

  • Protect your castle from enemies attack
  • Defender types- Alchemist house, tower, and trooper
  • Castle Defense NFT game keeps you playing
  • Include five types of magical skills with awesome upgrade options
  • Incorporates 40+ maps, four types of defense towers, and troops. 
  • Have 10+ monsters with their skills.

Who are the founders of the Castle Defense epic game?

However, the details are still not disclosed about founders. But while playing the game and knowing the whole concept, we can truly appreciate the efforts and dedication given by its founders. Also, we can say this is the first epic game concept based on a tower defense system to earn different digital assets from the game. 

The current statistics of Castle Defense NFT

Here we are sharing its current value in the market so that you could make better choice for yourself.

  • Active users- 6,049
  • Total games-344
  • NFT value-25225
  • Tokens-11283
  • Total transactions- 8,801
  • 24 hours volume-$11,986,243
  • NFT support-Available
  • Free to play- Available
  • Play to earn for free-Available
  • Social rank- 2833
  • Buildings- 18

How to Play Castle Defense and win digital assets?

Castle Defense is the perfect medium for earning massive digital assets with a combination of traditional time tower defense and tournament sports. Users can easily join and play the game for free, even without installing it. Let us know how to play the Castle Defense NFT game.

  • Launch the web browser
  • Search for castle defense
  • On the top of the page, you will find the homepage, which is a game.
  • In nanoseconds, it loads 100%, and you can start playing.
  • While you start, a small pop-up appears that says your login in pocketarnea.

Based on Blockchain technology, it is a fantastic achievement for its founders. Also, remember it is a beta version, so founders are hoping that it will become the World’s best NFT game. 

If you would like to join Castle Defense NFT game, then visit Pocketarena  


What are the different tokens castle defense supports?

It supports ERC721, ERC1151, BSC, WAX, and many more. 

 What’s the current value of castle defense in the market?

Castle defense is Blockchain technology based on NFT adventure-based games. Currently, it has 6049 users with 11283 tokens which seems a tremendous growth. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, you have learned the basics to its advanced knowledge about the new treading game Castle defense. It is the best platform to earn different digital assets at the same platform without any stress. Just play and enjoy the Castle Defense NFT

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