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Fidenza NFT {Aug} Price, How To Buy? Contract Address!

Fidenza NFT {Aug} Price, How To Buy? Contract Address! >> Are you interested in purchasing the most versatile cryptocurrency? Hurry up! Read the content for the details.

Are you aware of the crypto token available on the art block? Do you want to invest your money in it? Then, have your concentration on today’s content that deals with the highlights of the Fidenza coin.

Cryptocurrency is becoming popular in the United States. Moreover, the NFT platforms and non-fungible tokens that it offers are gaining the attention of investors nowadays. 

So, to clear your doubts regarding this token, let’s explore its key points, market cap, and supply. The investors must capture all these details about Fidenza NFT before purchasing the coin.

What is Fidenza?

It is a non-fungible cryptocurrency with the most versatile algorithm ever launched in the history of the digital market. Though it belongs to art block and focuses majorly on the well-structured curves and blocks, other factors like texture, scale, color, and organization can bring many generative possibilities for the holders. 

The project idea of the coin is fascinating as it has margins, no collision, and overlaps. Moreover, with high density and curved shape angles, the Fidenza NFT has got additional features.

Few words about Art Blocks

It is a generative art platform that allows the collectors to mint NFT, even when the outcome is unknown. The coding is offered to the platform in the form of linked variables, which will help produce unique content.

The platform was launched in the last year by Erick Calderon, a forty-year Houstonian. Recently, the airdrop of art block has resulted in the resold of the cryptocurrency, Fidenza.

Read more about this token below.

Founders of the Fidenza NFT

Tylor Hobbs has introduced the coin. But talking about other core members of the team, no information is available on the web. Thus, investors are requested to wait for the upcoming details of the coin before investing their money. 

However, the art block platform offered by Calderon was introduced to sell the art generated through computers by blockchain technology. Still, the pandemic and the token have turned it to a growing business platform.

Price chart of the token

  • Price – $12118
  • Issuance Blockchain – Ethereum
  • Date of Issuance – June 11, 2021
  • Rank – 766
  • Token ID – 78000766

Feature of Fidenza

  • The scale of Fidenza NFT – Jumbo
  • Color – White Mono
  • Spiral – No
  • Soft shapes – No
  • Presence of margins – Yes
  • Turbulence – Med

So, the above-mentioned are some of the key features of the coin. But we also recommend the readers check the transaction history of the token so that they get some idea about the holders as well.  

How to buy the Fidenza?

Presently, no information on purchasing this cryptocurrency is available on the web. But we suggest the readers stay tuned with us to know further updates of the coin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the contract address of the coin?


  • Is Fidenza active on social media?

Yes, it is available on Twitter


Fidenza NFT is the ever-growing crypto of art block whose details are shared well in the above article. So, if you are looking forward to purchasing the coin, don’t forget to check the live price before investment.

What are your opinions about the token? Comment and share with us.

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