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Read this post to know the California Checks Inflation scheme to determine the category in which they fall and receive their payments on time.

Have you heard of the news of inflation relief payments by the Californian government? Around 3.5 million people in California have received the inflation relief payment to help with the increased living costs and gas prices. 

The people of the United States are looking forward to such relief measures in other parts of the nation. The state legislature decided to send Californians a payment between $200 and $1050 under the California Checks Inflation scheme.


Required Qualification for the inflation checks scheme

The major requirement to fall under the scheme is to pay income tax regularly, and further, the relief payments will be sorted according to the size and income of the family. For example, Single filers who make $75,000 will get $350 as a relief payment. 

Similarly, joint income tax filers making $150,000 will get $700. People having one dependent would get an additional $350. The question arises who will get the maximum benefit of $1050? A married couple who earns $100,000 per year with a single child would get $1050. 

When can people expect their California Inflation Stimulus Checks?

The information provided above is true to its nature, and people can check accordingly the category in which they fall to enjoy the relief benefit. The payments will be distributed to people through direct deposits payment and mailed debit cards. 

If we talk about the period during which the payments will be received, the government has mentioned that it would reflect in the respective accounts between October 2022 and January 2023. 

If eligible, people will receive direct payment, and those receiving payment through debit cards need to call on 800-240-0223 to activate their debit cards.

Timeline for direct deposit payment 

The Franchise Tax Board has released a schedule under California Checks Inflation that mentions the period during which people will receive the debit cards. 

It states that people receiving the Golden State stimulus and those who paid tax in electronic form will receive tax refunds through direct deposits from October 7 to October 25. 


The Californian government has taken a huge step to help the people to manage inflation. People eagerly wait for the relief payment to be received in their bank accounts. 

What are your thoughts on this refund scheme? Comment your views below.

California Checks Inflation-FAQs

Q1. What is the Californian inflation scheme?

A scheme was launched to help people with increases in living costs and gas prices.

Q2. What is the number of California stimulus checks?

There are two stimulus checks held.

Q3. Who is eligible for the inflation refund payment?

A regular taxpayer is eligible.

Q4. Who will not receive the Golden state stimulus?

People who did not pay tax by the deadline.

Q5. What is the range of inflation relief payments?

People will receive payments between $200 to $1050.

Q6. When will the payments be received under California Inflation Stimulus Checks?

October 2022 to January 2023

Q7. What is the rate of inflation in the USA?


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