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Buy Cate Coin (Nov 2021) Price, Chart & Contract Address

Have you analyzed why Buy Cate Coin with the facilities involved? Then, let us showcase to you its latest details through this article.

Are you aware of a token that provides huge incentives for making memes? If not, then we will guide you throughout the write-up. 

Over social media platforms, different types of memes are produced within a single second to entertain people. Besides, the usefulness of memes is huge since it drives attention, thereby building their audience to improve branding. 

It also helps to create social awareness by thinking out of the box. Recently, the meme-makers of the Philippines, Canada, and the United States have been digging facts about a popular token asking how to Buy Cate Coin

What is Cate Coin?

It is a cat-themed decentralized meme-based cryptocurrency created to add actual value to the meme world. Also, it allows the meme-creators to develop and earn by making excellent memes.

As per reports, it has a community of 50,000+ members to explore and gain knowledge about memes. Furthermore, it was developed in May 2021. 

Founder’s Information 

Upon reviewing the token, we have not noticed any details of the founder. However, if we get any news, we will update you accordingly. 

CATE Specialities 

If you’re searching about how to Buy Cate Coin, let us scrutinize its features.

Utilities  Analysis
Hold and Earn facility.  It increases the source of additional incomes by- 

  1. Rewarding 2% for every transaction.
  2. For staking, the investors can earn up to 15 % APY.
Promotes Content farming  For staking rewards and contests, they will reserve 35% CATE, enabling the user to get rewards or NFTs in the future.

Token’s Distribution 

  • Marketing- 10% 
  • Ecosystem- 35%
  • Liquidity- 30%
  • Team and Future Development- 10%
  • Exchange Listing- 15%

Why Buy Cate Coin

There are ample facilities that you can avail of after trading this token, such as

  • 100% Liquidity burnt
  • Play-to-earn concept 
  • Staking rewards facilities 
  • Premium safety
  • Contract audited 
  • Diverse community

Live Price of CATE

At present, the actual value of CateCoin is $0.000007539, with an increase of 49.82%. In addition, it has a 24-hour volume of $0.000007539. 

Total Supply And Other Statistical Data  

  • The total supply of the token is 98,267,465,027,803.
  • The 7-day high of CateCoin is $0.000007488.
  • If you want to Buy Cate Coin, please note that it has a market cap of $265,346,753.
  • The 24-hour volume of CATE is $734,774,301.
  • The all-time high of the token is $0.000007488.
  • CATE’s max supply is 97,465,054,342,665.
  • The fully diluted cap of CateCoin is $734,774,301. 
  • The all-time low value of CATE is not available. 
  • CateCoin’s 7-day low is $0.000000000001.
  • The token’s self-reported circulating supply is 35,437.76B CATE.
  • CATE’s market rank is #2780.

Where to Trade Cate Coin?

PancakeSwap (V2) is the preferred exchanging platform if you search for how to Buy Cate Coin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Mention the official link of CATE.

A1. The official site of CateCoin is https://catecoin.club.

Q2. Identify its Contract Address.

A2. CATE’s contract address is 0xe4fae3faa8300810c835970b9187c268f55d998f.

Q3. How can traders buy it?

A3. You can purchase this token over PancakeSwap (V2), which is a top exchange medium. 

For in-depth details of CATE, please visit here.  


Throughout the write-up, the full details of a token ‘CateCoin’ are explained with its live price. Thus, most traders have gained that upon PancakeSwap (V2), you can Buy Cate Coin

However, we have not detected any owner’s name for this cryptocurrency. Also, have noticed that CATE is offering several benefits, including 100% Liquidity burnt. It is seen that the price of CateCoin has increased by 49.82%. 

Do check ‘What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency’ by visiting here. 

Do you feel CateCoin is safe? Please update your comments in the box provided. 

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