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Kodi Coin Price (November 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new Crypto coin and the live Kodi Coin Price for worldwide investors.  

A new utility token has been launched called KODI Coin that aims to become the next big entertainment network in the Crypto marketplace. The KODI Coin summarizes the classical reflections with the utility of Crypto token based on Entertainment Hub and the marketing agency PITCH.

KODI Coin is attracting the attention of major investors in the United States because it promises to offer passive income in the form of KODI Coin combined with the long-term value that its utility brings. 

The NFT pre-sale is live now, and people can get a chance to win a Tesla. But, check the Kodi Coin Price before investing. 

What is Kodi Coin?

Kodi Coin is the native official token of the famous entertainment network, KODI. The platform offers the holders with interactive entertainment hub based on Crypto, and it aims to keep the investors informed, engaged, and entertained while investing in the Crypto marketplace.

The platform focuses on creating the first-ever entertainment network that would emerge as an innovative place for Crypto holders and investors, where they can socialize, learn, have fun, and win rewards. It also aims to introduce the investors to legal Crypto projects. 

The marketing agency, PITCH, will collaborate with the network as a pathway to promote the holders. Investors in the United States are attracted to the coin and want to know the live Kodi Coin Price.

The Founders of Kodi Coin

We have checked the official whitepaper and the website for the CEO and founder details of the coin. Unfortunately, we have not found any data related to the founders, CEO, and developer of the KODI Coin. 

So, we can’t confirm who founded the coin or the team behind the KODI Coin. However, over 15K holders of the coin globally, and over 116 660 transfers have been recorded.

Market Analysis for the Live Kodi Coin Price

According to live data found, the last known price recorded of KODI coin is $0.000505. It has managed to register a hike of 29.73% in the previous 24 hrs. In terms of trading volume, it has surpassed $3 827 903 in the previous 24 hrs. Besides, the hike in the volume is 57.53%. 

KODI Coin has secured the market ranking of #2894, and there is no data on live market evaluation. However, the fully diluted market value of the KODI coin is $50 524 546. The Kodi Coin Price tends to change, and hence check it before investing.  

There is a maximum supply of 100 000 000 000 KODI coins in the market, and no data found on the total circulating supply. 

Tips to Purchase KODI Coin

  • Sign-up with any trusted fiat to crypto exchange 
  • Buy BTC coin using the fiat currency 
  • Transfer the BTC coin to any ALT supported exchange 
  • Find the KODI Coin using contract address 0x7f4f3bc4a5634454398580b9112b7e493e2129fa
  • Check the live value and Kodi Coin Price before buying
  • Enter the number of coins you want to swap
  • Click on the Swap button to swap the ALT coin to KODI Coin


Q1. Which is the Website of KODI Coin?

A1. The official website of the coin is https://kodicoin.com/

Q2. Can I Buy KODI with Fiat?

A2. No, you can’t buy a KODI coin with fiat currency.

Q3. Which is the Right Contract Address of KODI?

A3. 0x7f4f3bc4a5634454398580b9112b7e493e2129fa is the contract address for purchasing the KODI.


Kodi Coin is the next big thing in the world of Crypto-based entertainment networks. It focuses on rewarding the holders and also comes with a buy-back feature.   

But, before investing, you must check the live Kodi Coin Price, as it is subject to alter according to market trends. Besides, check the Future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before you invest in the Crypto marketplace.

Are you holding any KODI Coin, and how much profit have you made? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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