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Bucu Coin {Dec 2021} How To Buy? Contract Address, Price

In this article on Bucu Coin, we tried to inform you with brief information about the crypto and around them.

Do you have trust in cryptocurrency? Are you interested in investing in crypto coins? Maybe, you are confused with terms; hold on. Have you heard about the meme coins? If not, then you have landed on the right page- Bucu Coin, which is itself a kind of meme token. As almost every coin is the United States dollar-backed, so is the BuCu.

After reading “meme token,” you might be a little astonished and would like to know what is going around the world.

What is ButterCup?

It is a decentralized monetary transaction node-connecting platform that, with the help of recent years, is emerging technology trying to modify the conventional online transaction system, which ultimately increases the system’s effectiveness. It facilitates computer coded transactions and creates opportunities for the development of the infrastructure for financial activities. ButterCup has launched its platform coin called Bucu Coin to run the entire system, which stabilizes the basket of different sovereign currencies through computer programming and coding. 

Founder Info:

As per our research, there is no information about the coin’s founder though some articles claim ButterCup is the innovation of an entrepreneur hailing from Bangalore, India. Although it is not clear who created this coin, its listing on various well-established trading exchanges and development and launched over the Binance innovative chain are credible enough to gain investors’ trust. The deflationary nature of the token, which is again a trending type of coin, increases its overall worth in the crypto market.  

Market Prices and Chart: Bucu Coin

  • BuCu liquidity: 115.32%
  • 24 h low/ high: NA
  • 30 day low/ high: NA
  • All-time low/high: NA
  • Current Price: $0.000006966683 
  • Market Cap: $69,666,834.081
  • Volume/Market Cap: 0.01% 
  • Price Change in 24 hours: 268.14%
  • Market Rank: NA
  • Market dominance:  NA
  • Fully diluted market cap: NA 
  • Maximum supply: NA 
  • Trading volume 24h: $7,132.569
  • Total Supply:10,000,000,000,000 BuCu
  • Circulating supply: 10,000,000,000,000 BuCu

Note: The above-given numbers are constantly changing with time and site.

Why should you purchase BuCu Tokens?

The choice of every investor, especially crypto one, varies from other investors. Still, some of the reasons for investing in Bucu Coin are as follows:

  • It rewards BuCu token holders through a high deflation process.
  • It is going to become a high utility token.
  • Users can audit ButterCup coins on its site, which is available publicly for investors.
  • It will provide community rights to its holders like Voting rights and governance rights.
  • Token buyers have given sufficient purchasing flexibility with security.
  • Binance innovative chain provides investors double safety while payment.  

Caution: Investors need to verify the benefits mentioned above by reality checks.  

 Way to purchase BuCu tokens: 

From the site of ButterCup, we can see different ways to purchase the Bucu Coin, so as your trust on the exchange, you can go through with the particular platform. From an understanding point of view, let’s take Metamask crypto wallet and PancakeSwap as a crypto exchange site. For making your deal from this platform, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step1: Register on MetaMask.
  • Step2: Add BNB to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Step3: Connect your MetaMask to PancakeSwap.
  • Step4: Start swapping from BNB to BUCU.


 Q1. What is the contract address for Bucu token?

Ans. 0xaf7b18f1060A8b212c6Dc383ed34E24B0981a847. 

Q2. Why is Buku token in the news?

Ans. Because it is now listed on the Binance platform.


To sum up, Bucu Coin has used futuristic technology. The concept behind its project is also pretty future-oriented, which can project its growth trajectory to some higher level in the coming time.

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