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Ccar Coin {Nov 2021} Token Price, How to Buy? Chart

The blog can help you to understand the Ccar Coin and its significant features and status in the market in the present situation.

Get ready to earn cryptocurrency in another way. You can win the most updated, decorated, and crafted crypto token. Just play the game. 

A buyer can play and win NFTs in easy ways. Inceptors of the coin believe the coin will get hype in the market. Recently, as per the financial expert’s view, the demand for the currency has been growing worldwide

So, you can understand how this digital coin is getting the attention of crypto traders. So now, without wasting any readers’ time, let’s start the discussion about Ccar Coin.

What is Crypto Ccar? 

The gaming protocols manifest the Ccar. The Crypto Ccar is the updated creation of “Genshin Projects” and the “Gameloft” projects. 

The leading creators of these two games initiated the coin recently. Anyone can earn a cryptocurrency by mining this cryptocurrency. But they need to be tech-savvy. 

They can also earn this coin by car racing game of NFTs. A player can take part in “Pvc” racing and win the coin. For the game, they can choose many NFT cars. 

Founder(s) Details of Ccar Coin

We must say they have a big team. As per the detailing, Ly Tarn is the present co-founder and CEO of the coin.  

An Nguyen is the main CTO of the company. This duo is the main person of the coin’s inception. But there are many other people involved who help to develop the coin. 

Mai Dang works as head designer, Nhuan Huynh is the main CMO, and Da Mach is the head of the developer’s coin team. So, you can understand the coin is the brainchild of many reputed and skilled people. 

Ccar Coin’s Financial Status

  • Coin’s Rate: $1.19Cap Opportunity: No Data
  • Trade Volume: No Information
  • Ratio in 24 hours: $20,524,870
  • Yesterday low/Yesterday high: $0.8717 $1.36
  • Position : 2790
  • Diluted Capitalizations : $119,527,315
  • 1 Month lowest/1 Month highest: $0.3952$1.36
  • Dominance Trends: NA
  • Upper rate: $1.36
  • Lower Rate: $0.1564
  • Car ROI: NA
  • Highest Supply: 100,000,000 CCAR
  • Whole supply: 30,000,000 100,000,000 CCAR
  • Count of Circulation: No Info
  • Business Volume: $20,496,247.20

Data might change due to updating trends.

Why Do You Buy this Token?

There are many reasons you can trade in Ccar Coin

  1. It is the most optimistic and protocol maintains coin.
  2. The price rate of the coin is reasonable in the market. 
  3. It is trending well in the cryptocurrency world. 

How Do You Buy the Token? 

As per the protocols are associated, the buyers should follow specific rules to buy this digital currency. 

  1. A buyer can open an account on Binance and PanCakeSwap. 
  2. He needs to add his wallet to the exchange. 
  3. Then the buyer needs to select the quantity of the coin and fix it. 
  4. Then clicking on the Swap option, one can buy Ccar Coin.  


  1. The Trending Elements of the Coin? 
  1. It is trending due to newly launched wallet connect function, by this a player can connect with many different wallets such as Trustwallet or others in the game.
  1.  Is the Coin Worthy? 
  2. As per the market focus, yes, the coin is suitable for investors.


At last, we can say in the present time; this digital coin is following many security protocols. However, it has become the most demanded cryptocurrency in the trading world for its market rate and another valuable trending statistic.

But we recommend taking an expert’s advice before buying the Ccar Coin.

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