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British Gas Text Scam: Read Its Recent Fraud Details Along With Reviews Here

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about British Gas Text Scam and meter reading fraud to learn about its plot.

Many scams related to British Gas were reported in the past. But a new scam emerged in recent days related to smart meters in the United Kingdom. Previously, scammers used to send text messages, email, or call customers by hiding their identity. But did you know scammers are now visiting customers’ homes to implement British Gas Text Scam?

About the British Gas message scam:

The British Gas message scam featured in 2021-22. Scammers sent SMS to customers stating that they had overpaid their bills in the past. The year of overpayment was mentioned as 2011-12, 2017-19, and 2019-20 in different sets of messages.

The information that caught customers’ attention was regarding the huge refundable amount mentioned in the SMS. The amount of refund offered in the fake British Gas text message was between £200 to £600. There were different numbers from which such messages were sent to thousands of customers. Let’s check customer feedback, rating and British Gas Reviews in below section.

The text message mentioned in the first line – ‘From British Gas’, or ‘British Gas wants to inform you’. By reading the first line of the text message, customers were carried away by the thought that it was a genuine message from British Gas. At that point, no customer expected a smishing attempt.

However, several text messages have shortened URLs of unauthentic websites, where customers must fill in their personal and bank details to get a refund. At the same time, several text messages did not have any website links but requested customers to send their details via text message.

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British Gas Meter Reading Scam:

Recently, a new scam came to light as the government requires smart meters to be installed in all households by 2025. The old first-generation meters are incompatible with high-speed networks. The government plans to end 2G and 3G services in 2033.

Hence, the latest smart meters are required to replace first-generation meters. However, the house owner can decline the offer infinitely. But, if a new or replacement meter is required, the service providers are not giving any options other than to install the latest smart meters.

Taking advantage of this process, scammers started British Gas Text Scam. Customers are now receiving scamming calls forcing them to replace old meters. The calls are not from British Gas but from scammers, who are demanding personal and payment information over the call.

At the same time, several unauthentic service personnel approached several households stating that they were from British Gas. Such unauthentic servicemen wanted to install the latest smart meters and charge the customers. To install a genuine, smart meter, the customer needs to raise a request with the British Gas agency or at least verify if the servicemen are genuinely from British Gas.

British Gas customer reviews:

The customer reviews did not mentioned about British Gas Text Scam. More than 1,62,211 feedback on customer review websites about British Gas rated it at 2.46/5 stars. More than 30 website reviews about British Gas were neutral. A group page was present on Facebook, which shared posts related to customers’ feedback.

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British Gas’s official website hosted a page giving information about the types of text message scamming and included images of scam messages. You can report smishing and scamming attempts by emailing You may also report the details by sending an SMS to 7726 or by calling ActionFraud at (300)123-2040, 101, and 1-(877)382-4357.

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