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Bomb Crypto Coin (Dec) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

The article will help you to gather all the necessary information about the Bomb Crypto Coin so that you can make wise decisions about your investments.

Have you heard about the self-destructive crypto token? The Bomb Token claims itself to be the first token having the self-destructive feature. Recently it is gaining immense popularity in countries like the PhilippinesThailand and Brazil.

Along with its popularity, curiosity about this token is also increasing simultaneously. All the investors worldwide want to get more and more information about the Bomb Crypto Coin and if you are also one of them, then read the article thoroughly to know everything about it.

Introduction to Bomb

The Bomb cryptocurrency started as a financial case study that helps understand the capacity of a deflationary currency. This crypto token declares itself as the first token in the world that has a self-destructive feature. Due to this feature, 1% of every transaction is destroyed.

The Bomb is a community-run, open-source ecosystem. It is seen as a tool for managing the assets in the decentralized financial system, and the Bomb Crypto Coin is not to be used for daily transactions. The Bomb can be found on several exchange platforms, but it does not promise any rewards to its holders.

About the Founder

Through our research, we came to know that the Bomb is one such currency that has no leader or CEO. The creator of this cryptocurrency is Zachary Dash. But this ecosystem does not possess any headquarter and operating team. Instead, it is completely controlled by the community.

Current Price of Bomb Crypto Token

At the time of writing, $2.57 is the price for the Bomb Crypto Coin. In the last 24 hours, the price has decreased by 6.16%

Market Position of the Token

  • Market Cap: The present market cap is $2,099,416
  • Market Rank: The token holds 1778th rank in the market
  • Trading Volume: $305,502 in the last 24hrs
  • Highest Price in 24 hrs: $2.74
  • Lowest Price in 24 hrs: $2.17
  • All-Time Highest Price: $14.64
  • All-Time Lowest Price: $0.109650
  • Fully Diluted Market Value: Not found
  • Total Supply in the Market: 903,756
  • Circulating Supply: It is 824,558
  • Maximum Supply: No data is available

How to Buy Bomb Crypto Coin?

The Bomb is one of those crypto tokens which cannot be bought directly with fiat money. The main exchanges offering Bomb include Uniswap, Switcheo, DDEX, Hotbit and Mercatox. Here is a step by step guide –

  • First, register yourself on a fiat-to-crypto exchange
  • Exchange fiat money with BTC or ETH
  • Transfer BTC or ETH to a platform offering Bomb
  • Deposit the minimum amount to your account
  • Buy Bomb Crypto and store it in a hardware wallet

Latest Update – WBOMB

Since the burning properties of the Bomb were not following the Uniswap protocol, Bomb Crypto Coin invented a new way called WBOMB to enlist itself on the Uniswap. The full form of WBOMB is Wrapped Bomb, and it is not a new or different token. This enables Bomb to be a part of Uniswap without compromising with its burning features. All can check here to know more about Bomb and WBOMB. 


  1. Can we connect with Bomb on Social Media?

Ans. Yes, Bomb has an official account on Twitter.

  1. Is there a way to buy Bomb with Cash?

Ans. No, Bomb cannot be bought directly with cash.


The Bomb Crypto Coin has some unique features which have widely contributed to its popularity. But to know whether the token can become the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long Term, you should have a thorough research. It will also help if you remember that this article is not investment advice but an informative guide.

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