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FOMO Baby Coin (Oct) Contract Address, Price, Prediction

Please read this report to be apprised of the FOMO Baby Coin, a crypto token that employs the rebase mechanism to stabilize its value in the users’ wallets.

Cryptocurrency has attracted many investors over the past few decades due to its flexible and decentralized nature. However, at times, the fluctuating prices of the crypto tokens result in its downfall in the marketplace. Moreover, the crypto values in the users’ wallets start reducing, reducing its trade. 

In this write-up, we have talked about the FOMO Baby Coin, which enables the price of the crypto tokens to be stable in the wallets, despite market fluctuations. Traders worldwide, including in India and the United States, are eager to know about it.  

What is Fomo Baby?

Fomo Baby is a crypto token backed by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It utilizes the rebase mechanism by employing mathematical programming. This mechanism reduces the token circulating supply when its value reduces in the market. As a result, its net value in the users’ wallets remains constant, despite price fluctuations. 

Apart from trading in three staking pools, the users can use the FOMO Baby Coin for dealing with three-dimensional artworks and characters as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Furthermore, the investors can indulge in online lotteries with this crypto token at the official portal. 

Founder of Fomo Baby

We could not find the name of the founders of this crypto project. The team has referred to themselves as Fomo Baby Developers on their official website.

Fomo Baby Price Today

The latest price of the subject crypto token is $0.0000002291.

Fomo Baby Token Supply / Market Supply

Please note the analytical data of this coin, including real-time values.

  • Market Cap Rank – 2930 
  • 24-hour Trading Volume – $1,943,459.66 (Its high trading volume suggests the growing acceptance of the FOMO Baby Coin).
  • 24h Low / 24h High – $0.00000004 / $0.0000003
  • 7d Low / 7d High – $0.000000000133 / $0.0000002154
  • Market Cap – Unavailable
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $224,117,657.89

How to Buy the Fomo Baby Tokens?

Please follow the simple steps below to purchase these crypto coins.

  • At first, get the MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet from your system browser app store.
  • Purchase some Binance Coins (BNB) from its website.
  • Transfer the BNB to your downloaded wallet.
  • Now, click on DApps and search for PancakeSwap V2. 
  • Here you need to search for the FOMO Baby Coin by typing its contract address. We have mentioned the same in the next section.
  • Change the slippage settings to 10-12% and click on Swap to convert BNB to the subject cryptocurrency. 

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the contract address of the Fomo Baby token?

A1. The smart contract address of the subject crypto coin on Bsc Scan is 0x82D6E409438E9c2eAEd8ceec4Bd95918cbd17c87.

Q2. Is Fomo Baby available on social media?

A2. Yes. You can find the latest news about this crypto project on its social media profiles on Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, and Reddit. 

Q3. Why is this token called FOMO Baby Coin?

A3. The developers may have derived the name from the informal acronym FOMO, meaning Fear Of Missing Out. The baby on the website’s image depicts being afraid of going to sleep and missing out on the various attributes of this project like staking, NFTs, lotteries, and rebase.

Q4. What is the winning amount of the Fomo Baby lottery? Is it active now?

A4. The first, second, and third prizes of this lottery are worth $10,000, $7,000, and $3,000, respectively. The owners will launch the lotto on the official portal soon.

Conclusion on FOMO Baby Coin

The rebase method of this crypto coin will be beneficial for its users as their wallets will remain at a constant value. Please know the Next Big Cryptocurrency 2021 before investing in Fomo Baby. Also, you can view Fomo Baby’s Twitter page  to know the updates. 

Do you think rebase is a good methodology? Please share with us below. 

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