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Billy Stickman Roblox: Find Steps On How To Get Avatar Here

The article on Billy Stickman Roblox has provided essential details about the trending topic.

What is Billy Stickman? Why is Billy getting famous on Roblox? Is it an avatar on Roblox? How to get Billy Stickman Roblox? This article will help you understand the topic and learn how to get Billy’s avatar. People from the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States want details about Billy Stickman. 

What is Roblox’s Billy Stickman?

Billy is an avatar that any player or user of Roblox can get for free. Players can also get it in a bundle, and it is a character whose body is made of sticks. It also has a cute round face. Stickman’s bundle means a lot of Billy characters with some different attributes, and Billy is the name of the Stickman character. Now, Stickman Roblox Avatar is trending on social media and the internet. 

Disclaimer: The article includes details about a Roblox character named Billy. It is a stick character. Points are collected through valid sources. 

How To Get Avatar Billy?

  • Most people are trying to find out the steps to obtain Billy on Roblox, and the process is straightforward. Here are the steps:
  • Search in the marketplace, Billy by mPhase.
  • Then click on the search result and open the page.
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ option, displayed in green colour.
  • Then click ‘Get Now’ to get the avatar for free.
  • Add it to your inventory.
  • After that, edit your avatar as per your choice.

What is Manny Stickman Roblox?

Manny Stickman is also a character on Roblox, just like Billy. The difference between Manny and Billy Stickman is as follows:

  • Its developers are different.
  • Manny is a little less famous than Billy.
  • Its design and attributes are different.
  • Manny was created by a developer named Yasu Yoshida.
  • Billy is a typical stickman on the other hand Manny is not a typical stickman. 
  • MPhase developed Billy.

Along with Billy, Manny is also trending on Roblox, and two thousand five hundred people have added to their favourite list till now. But unfortunately, Manny is currently unavailable, and no player can get this avatar.

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Update On Billy Stickman 

Billy Stickman Roblox was a favourite listed by more than seven thousand people within a few hours of its launch. More and more people started getting the avatar for free. But, within 24 hours, the avatar was removed from Roblox forever. Because it did not fulfil some requirements, players are unhappy with this. 

Some suggest the size requirement for a Roblox character was not fulfilled by it, and thus, Billy is removed. After Billy Stickman was released, many developers created similar-looking avatars, but now, no avatar is available for sale on Roblox. After Billy, only two more stickmen got famous; Manny Stickman and ‘Billy.’ created by LaidBackDev. 

Billy Stickman Roblox Presence on social media 

YouTube Link

Here is a YouTube video link to add Billy to your inventory. Netizens also talk about Billy on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. 


Billy Stickman was a short-lived and one of the most loved characters on the Roblox. Within a few hours of release, more than 7 thousand people added Billy. MPhase created it. But within 24 hours, it was removed due to some unlisted reason from the Roblox marketplace. After that, many stickman characters were developed, but Roblox also removed those. If you wish to visit Manny Stickman’s page, click here

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