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Bcw to PHP {May 2022} Contract Address, Price & Chart

The article will educate you about the Bcw crypto currency and inform you Bcw to PHP conversion rate.

Do you know the new crypto currency “Bitcastlewar”? The short name is – BCW. The digital currency is developed by the “Binance Smart Chain” network. Many investors have been interested in digital currency for a few days. 

The token is also used to play games like- PVE, Boss, PVP and more fun. But many people in the Philippines want to know about the conversion rate- Bcw to PHPLet’s find out its salient features and market statistics in brief. 

BCW- What do you know about digital currency? 

Interestingly, the coin is associated with “Games” and “Defi”. The users can use it as the game mode to earn the token. The rules say the players need to own one hero and ten heroes in maximum number. 

The game says every hero has strength, and the players need to make the team with these heroes. Now the team will help kill the monsters and other evil souls, and gamers can earn the BCW token from this game format. 

Bcw to PHP Coingecko– Know the Founder(s) First

Before you take an interest in the conversion rate, it is essential to know this crypto currency’s founder(s). The Bcw is initiated by Daniel Tarn, the present founder and CEO of the coin. The most crucial matter is that Bcw is getting famous investors and partners as trade associates. 

Some of their investors are- Ace Starter, Iotex, Erax, Atlantean Ventures, Trust Fi, Hot Capital, CGC, Alliance and Brotherhood, Auto Sultan Capital and many more. For these significant associations, many investors and buyers are interested in the coin. 

Know the Market Status

  • Bcw to PHP– 1.17 PHP
  • Price in Dollar- $0.02312031
  • Market Cap- No Data
  • High in All Time- $0.073104
  • Low in All Time- $0.01938116 
  • Market cap dominance- 0.00%
  • Total Supply Rate- 500,000,000
  • Maximum Supply- 500,000,000
  • Diluted Valuation- $11,560,155
  • Volume in Trade- $112,090
  • Rank- No Information
  • Low Price in 24 Hours- $0.01938116
  • High Price in 24 Hours- $0.02799517

Why do Investors want to buy this crypto currency? 

There are numerous reasons why many investors are interested in buying the coin. You can understand by reading the explanations in brief. 

  1. The first reason is the coin is associated with many famous investors. 
  2. The conversion ratio is not bad per the Bcw to PHP Coingecko
  3. BCW is also associated with Binance Start Chain. 
  4. The coin allows the gamers to play the game and earn the coin. 
  5. Bcw is also associated with “Defi” “and “Gemfi”.”

What do you know about the Buying process of Bcw? 

Read the buying process to buy the Bcw crypto currency.

  1. First, the buyers need to create a Binance account.
  2. Now fill up all the necessary information on the form.
  3. The users need to allow two authentication methods.
  4. Buy BTC coin.
  5. Now create a metamask account.
  6. Connect the metamask account with BTC.
  7. Confirm the Bcw to PHP conversion rate and deposit your BNB to the metamask wallet.
  8. Now via Metamask wallet, you can easily buy the Bcw crypto currency.


  1. Do you know the contract address of the token?
  1. The contract address is- 0x7907d16318a2936c94a808c5e222a734d4ff8cbe
  1. Why is this crypto news Trending in the trade world?
  1. In recent times Bcw market trends have shown many positive sites. Besides this, the coin also gives a chance to earn this digital currency through the game.


At last, we can say, the Bcw crypto currency has shown many positive market statistics. But it also lacks some data. So, if you want to invest in this digital currency, check Bcw to PHP rate and information regarding trade.

All the data submitted here is taken from useful internet sources. You can also read – How to Invest in Crypto Currency in this Financial Year? You can also check the official link to this crypto currency.  Do you want to buy this coin? Please comment.

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