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This post on Artificial Intelligence Write for Us will reveal some worthwhile facts about the guest post writing. So, please keep reading.

Do you know the benefits of Artificial Intelligence? Have you ever taken a course or class on it? If you can assist some readers in this niche, then you can connect with Rationalinsurgent. This platform offers you a chance to write on Artificial Intelligence Write for Us so that others can also take help from the content. You can share your knowledge with millions of people in the world. So, kindly keep reading this post to know important facts to join us.

How does Rationalinsurgent function?

It is a renowned site that assists the public to gather more details on trending niches. We primarily work on trending news, website reviews, investment, environment, home decor, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, metaverse, product reviews, cryptocurrency, health, law, books, industry, health, and many trending niches. All the latest updates you can read here. If any contributor wants to read our norms, they can check them ahead.

Mandatory Guidelines For Write for Us + Artificial Intelligence!

Some guidelines are mandatory to be read by every contributor so that they can put in their best efforts while writing the article. If you have started researching Artificial Intelligence, you should read the norms so that you can get more clarification.

  • The contributors must take care of the spelling or grammatical blunders. One can use platforms like Grammarly to detect errors.
  • It is vital to check out the word length of write-ups. A 500 to 1000 words is mandatory to be submitted to us.
  • One should gather all worthwhile information and include it in your content.
  • The Write for Us Artificial Intelligence must have external links, not at random word gap. You can only add it only after 70 to 80% of the write-up.
  • One should remind the format of the guest post. To make it more approaching, you can also insert graphics.
  • Content having a long description will not be accepted. The article must have a 96 to 160 characters long description.
  • You should also highlight the keywords, internal, and external links. You can use similar color (Blue) for keywords and internal links. While external links should be green.
  • You must consider the limit of spam count in external links used in the “Write for Us” + Artificial Intelligence. The limit is 2-3 percent.
  • The crux of the main keyword must be clarified to every reader. It should not put readers in a dilemma.
  • The combined word length of the introductory paragraph and conclusion cannot exceed 160 words.
  • The write-ups showcasing the plagiarism count will be rejected immediately. We never post content having piracy.
  • The gap between the multiple keywords should be maintained. It cannot be used at a random word gap. The words included between keywords must be 90 to 110.

Crucial Topics For Guest Post

  • Definition Of Artificial Intelligence
  • History and Goals: Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence + “Write for Us”
  • Philosophy Behind Artificial Intelligence
  • How is Artificial Intelligence impacting Human Life?

There is no obligation to choose from the above-provided topics. You can opt for any other topic that is likely to yield more views on the content.

Write for Us: Submission Process

You are required to submit your content at this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. We want that our contributors must show some patience and wait for a response (1 day).


The contributors who have read this post completely can start researching Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, if we have not covered any point in this post, you can mail it to the team Rationalinsurgent.

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