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Fintech Write For Us – Check Complete Guideline

This post on Fintech Write for Us will explain all the details related to writing articles for us.

Do you know Fintech? Do you want to convey your skills and proficiency? If yes, then write to us. We allow our bloggers to tell the world about their experiences and knowledge about Fintech Write for Us. If you are keen on our website and want to learn about all the rules and guidelines of our website, then please keep reading this post.

Introduction to Rationalinsurgent

We are a renowned website aiming to provide accurate and verified articles and write-ups. Besides this, our articles and write-ups are published worldwide, and we have received appreciation from many professionals worldwide. So, if any blogger is thinking of taking a step ahead of their blogging career and is looking to expand their reach, they can definitely write to us.

Tips and Guidelines for Write for Us + Fintech

Before bloggers send their write-ups to us, it is mandatory to read and understand all the rules of our company so that it is easy to write the desired articles. Some of the essential tips that should be kept in mind while writing articles for us are listed below:

  • Make sure the articles are within the prescribed word limit. We publish our write-ups within a word range of 500-1000; writers should be within this word limit.
  • We are strictly against copying content from anywhere. So, writers should check their articles through plagiarism-checking tools and ensure the content on Write for Us Fintech is plagiarism free.
  • Grammatical errors can make the articles highly unprofessional and unpleasant, so we advise writers to check their content for grammar mistakes. We suggest writers use grammar-checking tools to ensure the content is free from errors.
  • Bloggers should always use only verified and accurate data in their write-ups. Any unverified and fake information should be strictly deleted from the articles as it might offend and mislead the general public.
  • Always try to make your content creative and exciting. We suggest writers use only one image in their content to make the article engaging.
  • Make the articles on “Write for Us” + Fintech easy to understand by including bullet points, titles, and short and engaging paragraphs, so the reader is interested in the article.
  • Please keep the article private until we check and confirm your article.

Recommended topics

The following topics are just for reference, so if any new writer is looking for inspiration, they can write on them.

  • What is Fintech?
  • What are the uses of Fintech?
  • How has Fintech benefitted the world?
  • What are the examples of Fintech?
  • What are the different classifications of Fintech?

Who is eligible for Fintech + “Write for Us”?

We provide an opportunity for all the contributors to write to us irrespective of age, job or career. However, there are a few things that we search for in our writers. The first requirement for becoming a writer in our company is to have an excellent command of English, and the second requirement is to be able to research the topics thoroughly.

How to submit articles?

It is effortless to submit articles to us; writers can send their articles to our team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Then, we will check the article and send reviews after some time.


To conclude this post on Fintech Write for Us, we have explained all the details needed to become a blogger in our company. Besides this, if anyone faces any problem, then make sure to reach out to us, and we will gladly solve your queries. Please click on this link to learn more about Fintech 

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