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Arkm Crypto Price: Get Arkm Price Prediction & Market Cap Details Here!

Arkm Crypto Price write-up has summarized the details of an AI-based crypto token trending on various social sites.

Are you a cryptocurrency investor searching for a coin that promises a lucrative return? Do you want to know about the crypto reward offered by Arkham Cryptocurrency? Arkham coin has attracted the attention of crypto coin investors and enthusiasts Worldwide by offering lucrative rewards.

The platform has entered the crypto industry to uncover important hacks and scams in the digital currency market. Arkm Crypto Price has essential detail on Arkham, an emerging currency in the crypto market.


Disclaimer: The post content is based on internet research and has information for the digital audience. 

Arkham Token Worth $ 15 Million Sold:

The blockchain analysis platform that intends to use artificial intelligence to discover hacks and scams in the industry launched its coin on 18th July 2023. The crypto coin is trending at the number one spot on various virtual currency websites and has sold more than 23.7 million tokens worth $ 15 million to 47 000 addresses. 

The move of the two top token recipients confused the investor as one sold his majority stake while the other deposited the coin into Binance for liquidation. 

Arkm Coin Market Cap, Price and Supply:

The airdrop of crypto coins offers ample opportunity for an investor to increase their investment. A study shows that investor who sold airdropped token increased their investment by 200 percent. Akram token’s current price, supply and market cap are listed below for crypto traders and investors.

  • Current price – $ 0.7149
  • Highest price – $0.8279
  • Lowest price – $0. 6331
  • Market cap – $ 07,461,447
  • Volume – $ 234,428,047
  • Circulating supply – 150,000,000 Arkm
  • Total supply – 1,000,000,000 Arkm
  • Maximum supply – 1,000,000,000 Arkm
  • Rank – #188

The price of Arkham tokens has decreased by 4.34% in the last twenty-four hours, while its total market cap has reduced by 6.67%. 

Arkm Price Prediction for 2023, 2024 and 2025:

The Arkm token was listed on 18th July 2023 and is trading at .70 dollars; the prediction shows that the token price will fluctuate between $.40 to $ 2.00 in 2023. The crypto coin’s price depends on various factors, and it’s difficult to give an exact estimation. Some websites have estimated that this token’s price will remain in a trading range of $.23 to $.80 in 2024.

Arkm token has the potential to enter the top 100 cryptocurrency list due to its working domain. The Arkm Crypto Price will remain at $ .25 to $ 1.00 in 2025.

Why is Arkham Trending on Social Sites?

The Arkham airdrop was a much-awaited event, and its launch on the 18th created much buzz among crypto investors and netizens. The platform is also offering a reward of 204,250 Arkm worth $ 134 539 for identifying the wallet address of high-net-worth individuals like Elon Musk.

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Final verdict:

Arkham token has the potential to uncover illegal activities within the crypto industry while giving investment opportunities to investors.

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Arkm Crypto Price: FAQs

Q.1 Who is the founder of the Arkm token?

The Arkham intelligence platform was founded by Miguel Morel in 2020.

Q.2 What is the contract address of Arkm cryptocurrency?

The contract address of the Arkm token is 0x6e2a43be0b1d33b726f0ca3b8de60b3482b8b050.

Q.3 When will Arkm token reach $ 1?

Arkham will reach $ 1 in the year 2025 after an initial surge in its price.

Q.4 Why are crypto advocates targeting Arkham tokens?

Arkham is targeted as its operation can lead to privacy concerns.

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