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Apple Music Replay 2022 {June} Explore New Features!

This article describes an interesting feature of a popular music platform that lists the most played songs. Read more details on Apple Music Replay 2022.

Are you eager to know the most played music this year? Do you want to explore the list of your favorite songs? Keep reading as we explore all the major details of this topic here.

Music enthusiasts Worldwide are excited to discover the list of most played songs this year. A prominent feature provided by Apple Music Replay 2022 helps the users understand the songs that have been listened to. Let’s understand more about the features provided by the music replay.

About Replay 2022 by Apple Music

Apple Music dedicates a section on Apple Music to list the music played in the current calendar year. The list of listened music helps Apple Music users to go through the list of played songs.

The feature of the Apple music is similar to the popular Spotify Wrapped, a feature on Spotify that provides its users with reports on the music played in a particular calendar year. In addition, apple’s replay feature is accessible throughout the year.

Pie Chart of Music Genres

  • The ever-growing demand for online music listeners forced top music platforms like Apple Music to introduce impressive features on their platform.
  • The pie chart is the upcoming feature for Apple Music users.
  • The pie chart needs to be accessed through PC and mobile devices through simple steps.
  • The pie chart representation provides all the important listening statistics of the user.
  • The most played music is represented by the number of played times and its per cent compared to all other played music this year.

Steps to Check Apple Music’s Pie Chart

Let’s check ‘How to Get Apple Music Pie Chart?’:

  • The user must log in to Apple Music on a PC or other iOS-supported devices.
  • Select the music replay option from the Apple Music menu.
  • The user is provided with the music statistics.
  • Choose pie chart statistics. 
  • The percentage of the most played songs is displayed on the pie chart, and the chart gets updated each time a piece of music is played. 

How to Join Apple Music?

  • Open iTunes or the Apple Music app. The user can also visit the official website of Apple Music to activate a subscription. Also, learn about Apple Music Pie Chart Generator
  • Select ‘For You’ or ‘Listen Now’.
  • The users can also use the trial offer provided on the Apple Music app.
  • The next step involves choosing subscription services. The three available subscriptions are individual, student and family subscriptions.
  • Sign in using Apple ID. New users can create a free Apple ID.
  • After completing all the steps mentioned above, tap ‘Join’.


Apple Music platform’s interesting feature that provides the users with the list of the top played songs during 2022 is impressive. In addition, the user can also create a new playlist according to the list. To know more, please read at this link.

Have you checked the Apple Music Replay 2022? Kindly comment your views below.

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