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Music Pie Chart Apple Music {June} Read Here & Know!

Check out this below given article to learn more about the latest feature of Music Pie Chart Apple Music.

Does your music streaming platform show the stats of what music genres and artists you listen to? If not, then this blog post is here for your help.

Apple Music is one of the most famous music streaming service applications developed by Apple. As per the data, Apple music has 98 million subscribers Worldwide. Recently, there has been news about Music Pie Chart Apple Music getting viral all over the internet. Go through this article to learn more.

Why is it trending?

Apple Music has been on the top regarding the best quality music and playlists. The service allows users to stream or install music anywhere and anytime. Apple Music was launched in June 2015 and hence became popular all over the world. 

Users can stream over 90 million+ songs and 30,000+ playlists. The service has now added an interesting feature of pie charts in Apple music, where you can check your precisely detailed music history in the form of pie charts.

What is Apple Music Listening Stats?

If you are a music lover, you most probably love to see someone with the same music taste as you do. Music lovers always want to share their favorite music with others. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

But, you can use the latest feature introduced by Apple Music to see and share your brief history of songs and playlists you mostly listen to. Many people love this feature, as it also shows your music history from years ago. You can also use your music listening stats to compare your music taste with others.

How to See Apple Music Stats?

If you use Apple Music as your primary music streaming application, you should check the latest Apple music pie chart feature ASAP. If you are a regular Apple music user, you can access your listening stats pie chart by tapping the “For you” option and then going to “Apple Music Replay.”

You don’t need an apple product to play songs on Apple Music. The service also allows users to stream on Windows and Android devices. However, once you have signed in to the application, the service can only suggest a personalized playlist and show your listening stats history. The Music Pie Chart Apple Music feature has again proved that apple as a brand believes in creative and interesting ideas.

Final Verdict

In summary, Apple music is known for its quality music streaming and for providing the best experience for users Worldwide. In addition, the music service has now introduced a unique feature of your music stats in the form of pie charts. 

The new feature is helpful and interesting at the same time. Although, you can only use it if you were using apple music primarily for listening. Visit here and know more.

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