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Among Us R/place {April} Explore Concept Behind It!

This article describes an artwork developed by collaborating with several digital articles that got trending recently. Read more about Among Us R/place.

Are you interested to know about a trending map canvas posted by a Reddit user? If yes, let’s analyze all the major information associated with this topic. 

Social media users Worldwide are excited to know about the art canvas that is a hot topic of discussion among online users, including suggestions, criticism, appraisal and whatnot.

 So, let’s keep the hype aside and get into the complete analysis of the most discussed Among Us R/place in a well-structured manner to provide a complete insight on the topic.

About R/place 2022

R/place 2022 is a project developed with the collaboration of various online artists as a part of a social experiment. The experiment was conducted on Reddit by posting an artwork initially launched in 2017, and a recent relaunch was conducted on 1st April 2022.

The art published consisted of a mixture of thousands of several artworks on a single large canvas. In addition, digital art with various themes created by multiple artists worldwide. Learn about the R/place Atlas 2022.

Concept Behind r/place

  • First initiated in 2017, r/place allows users to fill a pixel on a huge blank canvas in five minutes.
  • The r/place was initiated as a social experiment, but the Redditt users started sharing the links associated on various discussion forums.
  • The experiment gained massive support, and people started submitting artworks that included words, slang, flags, logos, etc.
  • Millions of users took part in the art design process, and the huge canvas got completed within a few days.
  • The experimental work created a new trend in digital art collaboration.

Among Us R/place

  • The creators of the successful r/place experiment came after five years of their success with a new canvas.
  • This time the canvas had several advantages compared to the first canvas. In addition, this canvas can be accessed by much more people.
  • The users are given four days to complete the million-pixel art on the canvas.
  • The users need to submit their work before 5th April 2022.

Reddit User’s Reaction

  • Reddit users are thrilled by the exciting opportunity, and posts associated with the live update of the artwork is trending. First, let’s know about R/place Amongus.
  • Reddit posts related to the artwork receive millions of views with more than 200K likes and thousands of comments and shares.
  • A Reddit post that displays the full screenshot of the latest r/place 2022 canvas received 289K likes and 11.2K comments in a day.
  • The online users are delighted to see the completed canvas, as millions of users have contributed their effort to the gigantic artwork.


The recently launched digital art canvas and its concept created high demand, and users are rushing to own a part of the huge artwork. To know more, kindly check.

Have you read about Among Us R/place? If yes, kindly share your valuable opinion with us in the comment section.

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