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Seventeen Heardle Kpop {April 2022} Sensational Update!

Is a new album by Seventeen going to be released? To know the exact news, please check the article on Seventeen Heardle Kpop. And keep connected with us.

Do you love Korean songs? Are you a Seventeen fan? Then you must know about their new album. Yes, you are right. According to local news, Seventeen published their fourth album in May. Pledis Entertainment confirmed that the news is correct. 

Nowadays, K-pop is trending. It is becoming a Worldwide famous music band. Especially the teenage group who are huge fans of Korean songs are very excited to hear the news. Are you feeling excited to know more? Then keep reading the article on Seventeen Heardle Kpop.

How is heardle connected with Seventeen?

Seventeen is a South Korean music band. Pledis Entertainment created the band. There are a total of thirteen boys in the band. 

Even the famous game Heardle is also connected to this music band. Do you know how? We all know that Heardle is a famous music-related game in which players have to guess the song correctly in fewer chances. So, the songs by Seventeen are also played in the game, which players have to guess correctly. Isn’t it interesting? So, let’s continue to read the article on Seventeen Heardle Kpop.

After giving three back-to-back blockbuster music albums, Seventeen will release its fourth album in May. They started their journey with the EP 17 Carat on 26th May 2015. EP 17 Carat was the first new K-pop album that appeared on the “10 Best K-pop Albums of 2015” list on Billboard. 

Members of Seventeen:

There are a total of thirteen Korean boys in the band. Vernon, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Wonwoo, Seungkwan, Dino, DK, Jun, Mingyu, The8, S. Coups, and Woozi.

These boys performed as one group. But they are divided into three different units like Hip-Hop, Vocal, and Performance. Each group is specialized in different sections.

All of the members of Seventeen are very active in choreography, songwriting, and performance. Seventeen Heardle Kpop has now become one of the world-famous music bands. Hence, incorporated into the Heardle game..

Achievements of Seventeen:

Not only in South Korea but internationally, they have won many awards. Seventeen won a music show on 4th May 2016 for their song “Pretty U.” According to album sales and social media fame, the song was declared the most popular song on Show Champion. At the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Seventeen earned the Best Dance Performance Award title for their mind-blowing choreography in 2017 and 2018. In addition, seventeen were nominated for the Top Social Artist on Billboard Music Awards on 29th April 2021.

Seventeen Heardle Kpop is featured for MTV PUSH. It is a web show based on music and talent from Worldwide. At the ‘2022 Newsis Hallyu Expo, ‘ Seventeen has won the award for Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2021.

Therefore, all the information shared here may assist you in guessing the right word in the Heardle game.

Summing up:

Seventeen is a world-famous K-pop music band known as ‘Performance Kings,’ ‘Theatre Kids of K-pop’, and ‘K-pop Performance Powerhouse.’ The most upcoming and awaited albums are soon to release. Hence, this article is supported with relevant information about Seventeen Kpop to guess the Puzzle right in Seventeen Heardle Kpop.

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