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Ajibola Odusanya Scam: Check Full Details On Ajibola Odusanya Fraud Case

The news about Ajibola Odusanya Scam has been trending on the internet. Thus, we have provided the details about it.

Do you know Ajibola Odusanya? Who is Ajibola? Why is Ajibola trending on social media? What did Ajibola Odusanya do? If you want to know about Ajibola Odusanya Scam, read this article properly. People from Worldwide want to know about the ongoing fraud case on Ajibola. Everyone also wants to know about Ajibola’s details. Read it here in this article. 


Information About Fraud Case on Ajibola Odusanya

A notorious scammer, Ajibola Odusanya, is trending again because recently, he scammed a UK-based Woman named; Olly Ade. She is of Nigerian descent, and Ajibola has defrauded her for 20400 Euros. This is not the first time when Ajibola’s name has been dragged as a scammer; in 2021, he even faced trial for scamming two friends for 8,80,000 Naira (Nigerian Currency).  

Disclaimer: This article contains news about a person who is infamous for scamming people. Many personal details are not available about Ajibola on the internet. 

Details on Ajibola Odusanya Fraud Past Case

In the past, he faced trial in Tinubu Magistrate Court. Charges were off, stealing and fraud, but Ajibola pleaded not guilty. As per the sources, Ajibola scammed his friends in February 2021 in Lagos. He scammed Folorunsho Adeboya for N 685000 and Aliyu Shittu for N 195000. 

He collected the money on the pretext of exchanging it for dollars and a PS5. But after receiving the money, Ajibola started to make excuses and did not return the money. He was an unemployed person. 

More Details About Recent Case

In a recent case, the defrauded woman tweeted about Ajibola Odusanya Scam on Twitter. And many other females started to claim that they had been scammed by Ajibola as well. 

She even posted a clip of Ajibola kneeling and begging for forgiveness from Olly. 

She wrote about how foolish and naïve she feels now. In addition, she would have just searched about him on the Google and knew all about him. But she was young and kind. Thus, Olly thought she was just helping someone. Many people shared Olly’s tweet and made it viral.  


Today’s article about Ajibola Odusanya Scam is about someone who has scammed many people and even faced court trials. But even after that, he has not corrected his behaviour. After legal trouble in 2021, Ajibola again scammed a UK woman Olly Ade on the pretext of love. Ajibola owes 20400 Euros to Olly Ade. Olly took this to her Twitter account, and after that, this topic has been trending on the internet. If you wish to watch the video Olly uploaded, click here.

Have you heard about Ajibola Odusanya? Please comment on your experience, if any. 

Updates On Ajibola Odusanya Scam: FAQs

Q1. Who is Ajibola Odusanya?

A1. Ajibola is infamous for his notorious scams. 

Q2. What did Ajibola do recently?

 A2. He defrauded Olly Ade (a woman from London) for more than 20,000 Euros. 

Q3. Did Ajibola have a history of fraud?

A3. Yes, in 2021, he faced a court hearing for scamming his friends.

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