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Ajay Banga LinkedIn: How Is Mastercard Executive Mentioned as CEO of World Bank? What Is His Net Worth & Education? Checkout His Wife & Family Facts Now!

This article below shares details about Ajay Banga LinkedIn as well as people’s opinions on appointing Ajay as a Leader of the Bank of World.

Do you have any information about Ajay Banga? Have you recently heard any updates about him? If not, you are looking for accurate information. 

People from India and the United States were interested in learning more about Ajay Banga’s professional background and job profile. We urged you to read this post on Ajay Banga LinkedIn all the way through if you wished to know the same information.


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Why Are People Looking For Information About Ajay On LinkedIn?

Ajay Banga is being searched for information on LinkedIn because he was recently chosen to lead a World Bank. After hearing this news, people worldwide were curious about his professional background and the selection criteria. 

Many people also believed it to be false information and sought to confirm it. But we assure our readers that it is true and not a rumour that Ajay Banga, CEO, will manage the Bank.

Who Is Ajay Banga

Ajay Banga is an Indian Business executive. He received President Joe Biden’s nomination to lead the Bank of the World on February 23, 2023. He is presently General Atlantic’s vice chairman. He was Mastercard executive chairman after leading the organization as president from 2010 till December 31, 2020. 

On December 31, 2021, he left this job and joined General Atlantic. The U.S.-India Business Council, also led by Ajay Banga, includes more than 300 of the biggest foreign investors.

Ajay Banga LinkedIn Wiki

Full Name Ajaypal Singh Banga
Wife RituBanga
Age 63 years old
Maternal Status  Married
Date of Birth  10th December 1959
Birth Location  Pune
Profession  Banker
Horoscope  Scorpio
Father Name Harbhajan Singh Banga
Net Worth  1.2 billion dollars

People’s Reaction On This News!

Many people have voiced their confusion over the quick appointment of Ajay Banga as the new Director of the Bank of the World. The decision to give him a chance to lead the Bank has received praise from many people.

Ajay Banga Education 

Banga attended the Public High school in Hyderabad and St. Edward’s School in Shimla for his education. He graduated with an Economics Master of Arts (Honors) from St. Stephen’s College.

Personal Life Details About Ajay Banga

Banga was born in 1959 into a Saini Sikh Family in Pune, Bombay State, where his father was an army commander. His ancestors are from the Punjabi city of Jalandhar. His father, former lieutenant general Harbhajan Singh Banga, worked in the Indian Army.

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In summarising this article, we have described What Is Ajay Banga by profession. He was just chosen to be the leader of the Bank of the World. This news has received a favourable response from many individuals. 

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Ajay Banga LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1. Who appointed Ajay Banga as the leader of the Bank of World?

Joe Biden

Q2. What is the mother’s name of Ajay Banga


Q3. When Ajay Banga started his career?

Inhe year 1981.

Q4. How Is Ajay Banga get nominated as Leader of the Bank?

Due his hard work and capability, as stated by Joe Biden.

Q5. How many children Ajay Banga has?

He has two children.

Q6. In which Social platform is Ajay Banga active?


Q7. What are the names of Ajay Banga’s children?

Jojoga and Aditi Banga

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