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[Full Video Link] Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video: Explore Full Details On Gloria Serge Alligator Video From Reddit

This research on Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video will inform the readers of the attack on Gloria Serge by an alligator.

Did you come across Gloria Serge’s video? The video is trending on all online sites. It was a very horrifying accident and everyone was shocked to see the viral video trending in the Philippines and other nations. Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video shows how a woman became a victim of an alligator attack. If you are willing to read about this incident, then you can have complete details on this video here. Thus, keep reading.


Alligator attack on Gloria Serge! 

As per online sources, a video of an attack by an alligator on a woman is trending worldwide. Some people misunderstood and thought it was a crocodile, but it was an alligator. In the video, one can see a lady, Gloria Serge who was standing near the lake with her dog was attacked by an alligator suddenly. It was a shocking accident.

Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit

As per online sources, a video on Reddit is getting massive attention. This incident was heart-wrenching. In the viral video, we can see a lady whose name is Gloria Serge walking near the lake with her dog. Suddenly, an alligator came toward the woman and tried to snatch her dog. Somehow, the woman tried to save her pet, but she became the victim of the alligator. It dragged her into the lake. Gloria’s neighbor, Carole Thomas being the eye-witness of the incident called 911 and informed them about the accident. She confirmed that her body was seen floating on the lake after a few minutes.

DISCLAIMER: The facts have been shared on our site to inform the readers. The complete video was not available online, so we could not share it. 

Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video: Reaction Of People! 

The complete video was available on some social media sites. However, it was a disturbing video. Now, there is a section available on online sites. This 85-year-old woman was brutally killed by an alligator. However, the authorities tried to recover the body of the lady after it emerged on the lake. Many Twitter and Reddit users have provided detailed information and shared the video on their accounts. The complete video could be disturbing for some people who have faint hearts. 

What did Carole say about this accident? 

Carole Thomas is a neighbor of Gloria Serge. She was present at the moment of this accident. After Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit went viral, many sites shared her interview. She said that she tried her best to save her, but it was very late then. She had seen the alligator taking away Gloria. 


Wrapping up this post, we have informed our viewers of all essential facts on Gloria Serge who was attacked by an alligator. We hope that this article has helped you.

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Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old was Gloria Serge? 

Ans. Some online sources revealed that Gloria was 85 years old.

Q2. What was Gloria Serge doing near Lake?

Ans. She was roaming around the lake with her pet dog. 

Q3. What happened with Gloria Serge?

Ans. As per online sources, an alligator tried to snatch her dog, but she saved her. However, she became the victim of an alligator. 

Q4. Who witnessed the incident?

Ans. Gloria’s neighbor, Carole Thomas witnessed the complete incident. She confirmed it when Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video went viral.

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