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Aerial Optic LLC Scam: Explore Legitimacy And Detailed Reviews Here

The article on Aerial Optic LLC Scam has provided authenticity details about Aerial Optic LLC.

Do you know about the Aerial Optic LLC? What does the company Aerial Optic LLC do? This article will provide proper information if you wish to know about the Aerial Optic LLC Scam. Click here and visit the official LinkedIn profile of Areial Optic LLC. People from the United States constantly talk about this company and their operations.

Is Aerial Optic LLC A Scam Or Legit?

Aerial Optic is a service-providing company offering different IT and management services. But, one should always crosscheck the authenticity of the website they are interacting with. Because not only money plays an important role, but if the website is fake or a scam, it may expose your device to dangerous viruses or bugs. Let us check if Aerial Optic LLC Scam.

  • Website’s URL:
  • Trust Score: 58.4 is a mediocre to average score
  • Registration Date of Website: 24th June 2016
  • Expiration Date of Website: 24th June 2024
  • Any Black Listed Domain: No
  • Website’s Popularity Index: Zero (very poor)
  • Suspicious Website’s Proximity Score: 27 out of 100
  • Valid HTTPS connection: Yes
  • Website Updated Last on: 24- 01- 2022
  • Owner’s Details: Matthew Boykins 
  • The phone number depicts that the registered country is Iceland.

Read the pointers carefully to ascertain the legitimacy of this website. We have provided all the required points here.

Disclaimer: The article contains information about a company’s website and tries to ascertain its legitimacy through several measures.  

Aerial Optic LLC Reviews

No reviews are available on the internet and Aerial Optic LLC’s website. Checks for any website or business are required to determine if the place is suitable or provides proper services. But unfortunately, there are no reviews for this website. Although, after research, we found a Facebook post about Aerial Optic LLC, and people have posted comments on that post. Some comments were positive, and some were negative. 

In the post’s comments, an account posted some screenshots of messages to the company’s team members. She ranted about Aerial Optic LLC Scam and explained how Matthew Boykins (CEO) took the money and never returned the calls. The account ‘Latoya Bass’ posted several screenshots from her conversation with an ex-employee.

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Details & Characteristic Of Aerial Optic LLC

The company claims to provide career opportunities and training to improve oneself to build a solid & successful career. They are specialized in Information technology and management. 

The firm is in San Antonio, Texas. They also claim to be an award-winning company and certified as well. However, the website is essential and lacks attributes to be noticed. Thus, people think Aerial Optic LLC Scam. The popularity of this website is shallow. Over social media, many have claimed that this is an imposter website of an actual big company with the same name.

Social Media Links

The company’s social media existence is nil, but here is a Facebook post that talks about this company:



This article has dealt with a website review and authenticity check. Although the website looks fine, it seems not so trustable. Apart from the trust score, the website has a lot of red flags. Thus, we recommend this website for experienced users only. But research and vetting of this website is important. Follow this article on Aerial Optic LLC for more updates. For more details about Aerial Optic LLC, click here.

Is Aerial Optic LLC Scam or not? Write down your opinion about Aerial Optic LLC in the comments below.

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