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Chspsc LLC Letter Scam: Is It Real or Fake? Find Details Now!

The post on Chspsc LLC Letter Scam clarifies the doubt of the public. Check on the article and grab the precise information here.

Do you know CHSPSC? Are you aware of the recent scam that relates to CHSPSC? Is the scam real or fake? Much confusion is urging people to doubt the service of CHSPSC. People in the United States claim they feel insecure about CHSPSC service.

The actual incident that happened is unaware by the people. The in-depth knowledge should be circulated on the social platform. Hence, doubt about CHSPSC’s genuineness is rising among the people. Read and grab the information relating to the Chspsc LLC Letter Scam here.


Disclaimer: We pronounce to binge the newscast with precise facts and unmistakable evidence. Specialists are involved in genuine awareness through proper research.

What is the scam about?

People with an account of CHSPSC had received a letter saying they had a data breach from Fortra. Soon, the account holders raised the question of its legitimacy and created a thread on Reddit to know whether it was a scam or a real fact. 

The news of the Chspsc LLC Letter Real or Fakewas abruptly elevated. People must be alert because they can face scams due to personal information leaks. Hence, the notice of the CHSPSC data breach is real. 

How does the data breach happen?

Fortra, a cyber-security organization contracted with CHSPSC, had provided a notice. The notice stated that between 28th January 2023 and 30th January 2023, an unauthorized account had accessed personal data stored in their security system. However, the method of this data breach with tight security is unknown.

Fortra immediately took the impacted system offline on 31st January 2023. Hence, Chspsc LLC Letter Scam is real.


CHSPSC is the community health system that cares for and provides services for securing all the data in the clinics and hospitals. 

  • Type: Public
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Founders: David Steffy, Richard Ragsdale
  • Founded in: 1985
  • Headquarters: Fraklin, Tennessee, United States.

The data breach vastly affected the public of Tennessee. CHSPSC affiliates in Tennessee include Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, and Regional Hospital of Scranton.

People having an account in these hospitals can be impacted through Chspsc LLC Letter ScamIt is because the unauthorized account had retrieved some essential data.

What is the data breached?

CHSPSC had confirmed that the accuser might have retrieved the patients’ personal data. The list of the information breached is as follows:

  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Insurance information
  • Medical billing outsourcing
  • Medication
  • Medical information
  • Demographic data like security number, date of birth etc.
  • Card and pin details if used at any time in these hospitals

Suppose you are the one who had any medical calls from CHSPSC affiliates; then you need to be alert. Chspsc LLC Letter Real or Fake has been answered in this post, and we expect all our readers to know about the incident.

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The CHSPSC letter is real, and people should not take it lightly. The cybersecurity firm has breached numerous personal information. So, there should be legal action against the responsible person.

What is your viewpoint on this data breach? Comment to us now.

Chspsc LLC Letter Scam–FAQs

Q1. What software did Fortra use for security?


Q2. Is the data breach account traced? 

No, it is still under investigation.

Q3. When did Fortra identify the data breach? 

30th January 2023

Q4. When did CHSCPSC receive the information?

2nd February 2023

Q5. Who is investigating CHSPSC and Fortra data breach? 

Federal Bureau Investigation and CyberSecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency officers are investigating the case.

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