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[Full Video Link] Yesha and Roche Viral Video: Check Their Story Here Now!

The post highlights the details of the Yesha and Roche Viral Video and explains the content present in the video.

Have you come across the Yesha and Roched viral video? People from the Philippines are looking for more details in the video, which has now grabbed people’s attention on social media. Many people are searching on various platforms to get the complete video.

In this article, we will provide the details of the Yesha and Roche Viral video and talk about the things in the video.


Disclaimer- We do not intend to harm the sentiments and dignity of people. The information provided here is taken from online sources.

Updates on the online video

People are talking about the viral video and searching all over social media to get a glimpse of the video. Let us tell you the video contains sensitive content, and a girl and a boy are seen doing an obscene act. 

The duration of the video is 5 minutes, and it is believed that the video was originally from Malaysia, but now it is spread to several parts of the world.

What is Yesha and Roche Story?

We do not know the story behind the boy and the girl, but we only know about the video leaked online. As the video contains inappropriate content, it has grabbed much-unwanted attention from people in huge numbers as they are eager to find the complete video online.

Yesha is known for her dancing videos and funny content that she posts online. However, she suffered huge racist comments after her video surfaced online.

Viral video of Yesha and Roche surfacing online.

It is also believed that the Yesha and Roche Viral Video was first uploaded on Reddit, and after that, it was posted on Twitter and Telegram, but now we cannot get the appropriate links to the video. 

However, people are climbing on Reddit to give the complete link to the video, but we are not sure about the originality of their promises.

Is it available on social media platforms?

The Yesha and Roche Viral Video is available on online platforms but not publicly, as it contains inappropriate scenes that violate the terms and policies of social media platforms. 

People of all age groups use the social media platform, and the video is purely 18 + content unsuitable for younger people to watch.

Where is the viral video shot?

The exact location of the video is not described in any of the sources present online, but it is said that the couple is from Malaysia, and the video was shot in Malaysia.

Social media links




Yesha and Roche have become famous online, and people are continuously checking on the online platforms for the complete video link.

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Yesha and Roche Viral Video-FAQs

Q1. Who are Yesha and Roche?

The exact details of the couple are unknown.

Q2. Are there social media links available for the video?


Q3. What does the video contain?

The video showcases a boy and a girl doing obscene acts.

Q4. What is the exact length of the video?

The video is 5 minutes long.

Q5. In which all countries has the video been spread?

The video is now accessible in all parts of the world because of social media platforms.

Q6. Who is Yesha?

Yesha is a viral TikTok star.

Q7. How many followers does she have on TikTok?

She has more than 300k followers.

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