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Write For Us Photography – Read And Follow Guidelines

Know the complete guidelines to Write for Us Photography posts. Share your expertise in Photography with our global audience.

Are you a professional photographer or related to the field of Photography and the sale of cameras? Do you have immense knowledge of Photography? Do you know that most of the population worldwide has access to cameras due to the low cost of cameras and access to mobile phones? 

Would you like to share your expertise on our platform by writing guest posts? Then, check out the below guidelines for Write for Us Photography guest posts.

About website:

Our website is a worldwide popular platform visited by thousands of viewers daily to read the latest articles related to trending topics, news and reviews. Thousands of our global readers are interested to read about cameras and their components, tips and tricks to take a perfect picture with cameras, DSLR, HDR, and mobile phones. Hence, we allow writing guest posts related to Photography.

Skill sets of a writer:

A photography guest post writer should have excellent written communication, independent research and analytical skills.

Qualifications of a writer:

The writer may be a professional/semi-professional photographer. Write for Us + Photography blogs may be related to the field of selling cameras. Experience as a photographer and article writing is considered.

General guidelines:

  • The photography guest post must include an introduction, conclusion, and FAQs.
  • The write-up must focus on Photography and cameras only.
  • The article must achieve a word limit of 1,000 words.
  • Two non-copyrighted images related to your post must be included.
  • We do not support any advertisement links in the content.
  • A reference link for the source of information should be included in the write-up.

SEO norms for a Photography Write for Us:

  • The photography guest post must be unique without any plagiarism.
  • The write-up should have a flow of information organized using proper headings and bullet points.
  • The article should not contain repetitive information and redundancy.
  • Content should be based on factual information.
  • One do-followup link must be included in the article.
  • The write-up should have a high readability score and be easy to understand.
  • At least 80% of the article should be in active voice.
  • Consistent placement of keywords is necessary.
  • The guest post must not be offensive and should exclude offensive words.
  • “Write for Us” + Photography posts must be free from grammatical errors.


  • Sports photography,
  • Shoot in black and white,
  • Information about different cameras and their components,
  • Architectural Photography,
  • HDR Photography,
  • Monochrome Photography,
  • Adding motion to images and Storm photography,
  • Urban life photography,
  • Silhouette portrait,
  • Sunset photography,
  • Night photography,
  • Waterfall photography,
  • Forest and flower photography,
  • Processing technique and plugin,
  • Food photography,
  • Tips on composition, cutline, balance, contrast, pattern, candid, cropping, unity, colour, clarity, rhythm, emphasis, and movement,
  • Vintage Photography,
  • Photography location and travel photography,
  • Reflective Photography,
  • Dream Photography Sessions,
  • Beach photography,
  • Photography tips,
  • Surrealist Photography, Etc.

Photography + “Write for Us” Keywords: 

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  • Photography + “guest article”
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  • Photography “Write for Us”
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  • Photography + “looking for guest posts”
  • Photography + “submit guest post”
  • Photography + inurl:category/guest
  • Photography + “suggest a post”
  • Photography + inurl:contributors
  • allintitle:Photography + write for us
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Advantages of writing for us:

  • You can reach more global readers and increase viewership of your posts,
  • You can expand your network and presence on the internet,
  • Build long-lasting customer relationships with our readers, and
  • Get new opportunities.

Submitting guest posts:

You can submit your photography article to jacksonhnry59@gmail.com. Our website reserves the right to modify (or) delete unwanted content from your article. 


Write for Us Photography guest post writer may be a semi-professional/professional photographer (or) related to the field of photography/selling cameras. The writer should have experience in writing articles (or) blogs. The writer must have excellent written communication, analytical, and research skills. The guidelines mentioned earlier must be followed to write a guest post on Photography.

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