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Write for Us IPHONE: What Are The Required Benefits?

The article depicts the fundamental factors of the writing opportunity of Write for Us IPHONE and discusses the advantages of basic facts.

Do you know how many users use the iPhone daily? Do you know these people also need to know about the functionalities of the IOS system? For this reason, a famous portal is offering an opportunity for writing blogs on IPHONE as content contributors. 

The contributors who can write on this segment can try the Write for Us IPHONE. Let us describe the facts. 

Know about the Portal Rationalinsurgent

The name of the website is Rationalinsurgent. It is a popular portal that publishes various informative topics for readers. The portal offers articles, blogs, news articles, and website reviews on technology, fashion, game, astrology, cryptocurrency and many more. 

Writing on an iPhone demands some technical knowledge. For this reason, the company wants experienced content contributors who can write on this particular topic. If you can do this, you can check the rules and regulations of the segment. 

Note down the Rules of Write for Us + IPHONE.

  1. The content contributors write to submit original content. We don’t entertain the content with plagiarism.
  2. Do remember it is not promotional content. Therefore, ignore any promotional writings on the content.
  3. Write the content within 1000 words.
  4. Don’t write any wrong sentences or try to put misleading data in the content. You must put in helpful information by checking trusted sources and links.
  5. Write the content simply.
  6. Use active voice and avoid passive voice. Make the sentence construction in constructive ways.
  7. You must remember the purpose of the content is to educate the readers and iPhone users.
  8. For IPHONE Write for Us segment using an external link is a must. You can use the external link after completing 80% of the content. 
  9. Write and use appropriate grammar. Permanently attach the screenshot of the grammar report with your content. 
  10. Use modern alignment and font size while drafting the content. 
  11. Don’t use a website link with more than a three percent of spam score. 
  12. Write on trendy and subjective topics. It will catch the attention of the readers. 
  13. Appropriately use the keywords. It is helpful for the proper SEO rules. 

Check Out the Topics “Write for Us” + IPHONE

  • How do you buy an iPhone from an online store?
  • What are the basic rules for buying an iPhone?
  • What do you know about the system of iPhone functions?
  • Get a note about where you can buy an iPhone and at what price?
  • Do you know how to download the application on the iPhone?

Keep in mind the influential and essential aspect of bringing your customers to your blogs and writings. You can choose the above issues, or you can work on your own topic as well. But try to write in a constructive and systematic way.

The Benefits of the Contributors for IPHONE + “Write for Us”

We can assure the content contributors that they can get the best advantages while writing for our portal. Our content and technical team will provide all the support for them. Besides this, many people will read their content for our comprehensive SEO optimization.

How to Send the Writings 

Send your sample or blogs to our registered email id team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. If our editors find your content well-versed, they will send a confirmation email to you within one business day.


We hope you understand all the aspects of this opportunity. The Write for Us IPHONE segment will help you grow as a content writer, and you will learn more about the content. Meanwhile, you can email us at our registered email if you have any queries. 

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