How to Write an Essay for College Students in Five Hours

How to Write an Essay for College Students in Five Hours

When you only have five hours to write an essay, especially if you are in college, you need to have a clear plan and organization. If you need to write an Essay for College Students in Five Hours, here are some steps you can take:

Timetable Your Time

Since you’re stressed out about meeting a goal right now, you’ll want to start writing right away. Do not do it. Hold out. Do not continue. Take it easy.

Now, make a plan for how long you think you can spend writing this paper. Set a pace for yourself, and then work quickly but carefully. Say you have five hours to write an article that’s six to eight pages long. It’s tight, but you can get it done. Do some study on your topic for thirty minutes, then write an essay for an hour about what you’ve learned. Finally, use the last thirty minutes to edit and put together a reference. If you are not able to do it easily. You can hire a professional writer from essay writings.

Write your thesis and the first paragraph of your paper

Your thesis is what your whole paper is built around, and a good thesis makes the rest of your essay seem more positive and academic. What is the claim of your thesis? A very short list of the points you will make in the paper to back up that claim should follow. Let’s say this was the question you were asked: After you’ve watched a movie, compare it to the decade it was made in.

When writing a thesis, you should stay away from flowery language and instead be clear and to the point. After four or five good lines that give some background information and main ideas about your topic, put your thesis at the end of the first paragraph. But don’t give everything away—you want the reader to be interested.

As a sample of a thesis that answers the question above, here it is: The movie “How to Marry a Millionaire” is a precise depiction of the 1950s by its rendering of family values, its portrayal of women, or its emphasis on consumerism.

Find out more

This is the place where your writing will live or die. The more study you can give without giving too much information that isn’t useful, the better. Even if you haven’t, you need to show that you’ve given your topic a lot of thought and looked at a lot of different sources over a few weeks.

If you need to use books as sources for your paper, go to the library on campus. If not, Google will save you. Type in your subject and then your subtopic keywords. Pay close attention to the first three pages. Don’t look at the entire search options. Pay close attention to the title, description, and web link. You want sources that you can trust. If you use a fact or quote from the web, you should put a reference in the text after it. If your college likes footnotes, you should use those instead. When you use an in-text reference, you should put the author’s last name and the page number with one space between them (Smith 56).

There are times when Google doesn’t return academic sources. In this case, you should use databases. I think you should use libraries more than Google searches anyway since they tend to have more reliable information.

Body Paragraphs

After writing the thesis statement and the first paragraph, you can move on to writing the body parts. This style works best for me when I need to outline a simple but good statement.

Sentence 1 (Summarize): Say briefly what you want to say about your subtopic: In the 1950s after World War II, most Americans cared about family rights.

Sentence 2 (Analysis): Quickly explain why you believe sentence 1 is correct.

 Sentence 3(fact): Say something that supports sentence 2 and sentence 1 that supports it. Pay attention to how you cite your source.

In sentence 4, you should show how the fact you mentioned in sentence 3 fits in with the analysis you gave in sentence 2 and how that helps your point from sentence 1.

Quote Sentence 5: Quotes from trustworthy sources can be powerful, but you should only use them in small amounts. If you do, your own words will get lost, and the paper will be nothing more than copy-and-paste theft. Find a quote that fits with what you’re saying and use it to back up your points. It shouldn’t take the place of your thoughts or help you come up with new ones.

In sentence 6 (Analysis), you should break down the quote and show how it fits with your main point about the subtopic.

Putting together words in this simple way for a body paragraph is easy and helps you write a lot of things quickly. You need to make sure you give a lot of your ideas and thoughts. Remember that facts back up your thoughts and quotes add to them.

Create a Conclusion

At the end of your paper, you should repeat all of your main points without looking too repetitive. Don’t restate facts or thoughts; just list the main points of your thesis. Bring up your subtopics again and stress how they back your main point. Finally, end with a line that makes the reader think about the subject for a short time after the paper is over. This could be a question or a line that makes you think.

Take a break from fixing things

Take a five-minute run if you’re having trouble with your paper or just feel stuck. Quickly run and take big breaths, when you get back. Do your assignment again. You’ll be able to write this paper.

Getting Done

You’ve now written or printed as many pages or words as you needed to. You’ve finished most of the work and are now past the tough part. You can now start to change and fix things.

Quickly do this. Before you turn in your paper, read it out loud and fix any mistakes you find. Next, put together your list of sources. 

That’s it!

Easy, quick, and done. Following a simple method will help you write a paper in five hours. To use the method, all you have to do is plug in the data. This makes the writing process a lot easier than many stressed college students may think.

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