Whackd Coin (June 2021) Let's Learn About It Here!

Whackd Coin (June 2021) Let’s Learn About It Here!

Whackd Coin (June 2021) Let’s Learn About It Here! -> Read Regarding The Whackd Token And it’s latest update!

The United States citizens, after hearing the news about Macfee, founder of Whackd Token death, are very curious to get to know about the Whackd Token.

So, here are the details of Whackd Coin and about the news of his Founders death in brief. Give a glimpse over this post to get all relevant news and information regarding the Whackd Token And its founder’s death.

Let’s continue to explore!

What Is Whackd Token?

Whackd Token was launched onn11th of November 2019 by Macfee as its founder, who tried to raise his opinion of Jeffrey Epstein death. While on the same day, the founder also launched the ‘ Epstein didn’t kill himself’ meme contest. 

He called whackd Token as Epstein didn’t kill himself using the symbol as Whackd Coin.

About Whackd Token Founders:

Get to know about Whackd Token Founder here!

John Macfee, a well known and popular Cryptocurrency proponent and entrepreneur, launched Token know as Whackd, which is Ethereum network-based.

The full Token Rubicon is Epstein didn’t kill himself. This was announced back on 11th November 2019. Back then, the founder said that he would be giving 10% of the total supply of Whackd Token to the meme contest winner.

Overview Of Whackd Coin:

  • Symbol: WHACKD 
  • Price: $0.00
  • Market Cap: $0.00
  • Total Maximum Supply: 857, 093, 469, 153542077
  • Holders: 31, 954

Profile Summary Of Whackd Token:

Contract Address: 0xCF8335727B776d190f9D15a54E6B9B9348439eEE Decimals: 18

Social Profile: Not available 

What’s The Latest News Regarding Whackd Token Founder?

A few hours ago, the news splashed all over the media stating that John Macfee was found dead in a prison cell in Spanish.

John Macfee, the founder of Whackd Coin, was found dead on the 23rd of June 2021 Wednesday in Spanish prison just after the court authorized Mcafee extradition to the US regarding the tax evasion charge. He was seventy-five years old.

The legal team confirmed that he was found dead in the Spanish prison. The death of Macfee is most likely to be regarded as a suicide stated by some officials.

Get out this news in detail, read here: .

How To Buy Whackd Token And Store It?

This Token can be bought and sold using fiat currencies such as USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, or any other such as Ethereum or bitcoin. The trading of Coin may seem to be difficult for beginners, but it has a low fee.

Talking about where Can we store Whackd Token, here are the details: Whackd Coin is on the Ethereum network that is E-20 substantially the Whackd Token can be stored in any of the compatible wallets of Ethereum.

You can also manage the unofficial supported Ethereum network Token on Trezor and Ledger. You have to connect the Trezor or Ledger to My Crypto or My Ether Wallet.

But it’s recommended to used an official Wallet for long term storage and safety.


  1. Who was the founder of Whackd Token?

Ans) Mcafee was the founder of Whackd Token 

  1. What’s The current price of Whackd?

Ans) The current price of Whackd is $0.00

  1. What’s The Total supply of Whackd according to Bscscan?

Ans) Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 Whackd 

  1. Is there any social profile updates of Whackd?

Ans) No

  1. Is Whackd fonder dead?

Ans) Yes


So, this was the update about Whackd Coin that we came across while researching it. Also, the recent news circulated about the Coin founder dead is true, and we have cited all the details of the news in the write-up above.

Hope readers will find our post informative!

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