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Weddle Nfl Guessing Game {April} Check Full Strategy!

This article explains about the Weddle NFL Guessing Game and the idea of how you can play this game. Read more to know.

Do you like to play wordle game? Wordle game has gained good popularity amongst the people belonging to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

This article will reveal a game similar to a wordle game that has gained popularity recently. The game is nothing but Weddle Nfl Guessing GameKeep reading this article to know more about this game.

What is Weddle NFL?

Weddle NFL is also a guessing game like wordle. But weddle is the NFL version of wordle. The name of the weddle game is named after former safety Eric Weddle. In this Weddle game, the player has to guess the name of a player’s name, team, division, position, height and age.

In this game, you will be given eight attempts to guess the word, and you will have to guess it with the help of clues given to you. After wordle received the social media sensation, now weddle is shining on its way. 

How to Play Weddle NFL Guessing Game?

In weddle NFL, you will have to guess a word related to a football player. The word may be the player’s name, age, height, team etc. You will be given eight attempts to guess the word. After completing the daily weddle version, you will be able to try the hard mode. 

You will be given 10 attempts to try the game in the hard mode. If you guess the correct name of the player, the colour of the box will turn yellow. 

Difference Between Wordle and Weddle

The name wordle was named after its creator Josh Wardle. He was a software engineer who created this game for his partner. But Weddle NFL Guessing Game was created by a pair of high school students inspired by wordle.

Initially, Josh and his partner used to play the wordle game. Later the game gained popularity among their family member. Finally, the game was made public.

In the wordle game, you have to guess any five-letter English word. Initially, players were given only five tries to guess a word. But now, you can have unlimited time to guess a word. You can even get the help of a dictionary to guess a word.

But in the Weddle game, you are given eight tries to guess the game. There is also a hard mode in Weddle NFL Guessing Game. You will be given 10 tries to guess the game in this hard mode. And in weddle, you will be given the word related to a football player instead of a normal English word. 

When you guess a correct word, the word turns into green colour in the wordle. But in weddle, when you guess a correct word, the word turns into yellow.


Whether it is wordle or weddle, players enjoy playing the guessing games. Many people even try such games with their family members. 

One of the disadvantages of weddle is you cannot take the help of a dictionary. Still, like wordle, Weddle NFL Guessing Game has been liked by the players.

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