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Watch Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter: Explore Her Biography, Wikipedia, Daughters, Pictures, And Family Details, Is she Married? Check if Video Available On Facebook

This post on the Watch Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter will guide the readers on the leaked pictures and videos of Zanele Sifuba.

Have you come across the news of Zanele Sifuba? Her explicit videos got viral on various online sources. The video of the Free State Legislature speaker of South Africa has surfaced everywhere. Watch Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter has leaked and people were sharing her videos. To know more about this incident, kindly read this post till the end and what happened with Zanele Sifuba.


Leaked Video of Zanele Sifuba

Recently, an explicit video and photos of the Free State Legislature Speaker of ANC have been leaked on various online sources including Twitter. Sifuba was seen pleasuring herself inappropriately on the video call with some unknown person. As per reports, the man was identified as a Nigerian. He leaked the video because Zanele had refused him to pay hush money of Rs 300000.  The matter is still unresolved.

Zanele Sifuba: Wikipedia

Here we will help the readers to know about Zanele Sifuba in-depth. We will discuss her family life details and career. So, kindly read below.

Real Name Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba
Date of Birth 1966-1967
Place of Birth  Unknown
Occupation  Politician
Nationality  South African
Children  Three daughters
Husband Unknown
Political Party  African National Congress
Education  Bachelor of Arts, Vista University 
Current Work Profile Speaker at Free State Legislature 

There are not many details available on the online sources. Only her work background has been discussed in various sources. Her details have not been disclosed. We must wait for more details to be published online.

Is she Married

As per online sources, there is no information on her husband or spouse. But, some relevant online sources have revealed information about her kids. Some sources reveal that he has one son and three daughters. While some sources reveal that she has only three daughters. So, it is clear that she has kids but the name of her husband has never been released. 

We must wait for the updates to be published online. Also, we do not know the name of her kids.

Biography and Career

Zanele Sifuba has started her teaching career in 1999. She used to teach till 2019. She also held the responsibilities of deputy director to evaluate and monitor the Department of Social Development. In 1995, Sifuba has been elected as deputy secretary of the ANC (African National Congress). She was the leader of the Democratic Teacher’s Union in South Africa. She was also given the 12th position in the provincial list of ANC in March 2019. She won 19 seats in the election of ANC on May 22, 2019. She works for the social and economic development of the nation, but the recent incident has ruined the image of Sifuba and her Family.

Investigation of the Leaked Video of Zanele

As per the online reports, an investigation on this matter has been ordered. The concerned authorities have asked to look into the matter and know the truth of the video scandal of Zanele Sifuba. This is not the first time that the videos were leaked. The authorities said that the person who has done this will surely face the law and they will not let him go. It is an insult to all elderly women. 

Investigation of the Leaked Video of Zanele

Many people tweeted on this matter. Not only Zanele but there are also other women whose videos were leaked. The Pictures of Malusi Gigaba, Home Affairs Minister, were also leaked once. She claimed that her mobile phone was hacked.

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Leaked Video Facebook of Zanele Sifuba: Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot share video as it is against our policies.

Q1. Who is Zanele’s husband?

Ans. The details of her husband are unknown.

Q2. Why is she trending?

Ans. Her explicit video and photos were leaked online on November 8, 2022. That is why she is in news nowadays.

Q3. When was she born?

Ans. Her date of birth is between 1966-1967.

Q4. How many children does Zanele has?

Ans. She is the mother of three Daughters. Some sources reveal that she has one son also. But, it is unknown.

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