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Warwick Davis 4chan: Who is His Daughter? Check His Net Worth & Family Family Details Now! Know Latest Twitter Update Here!

This post shares a fact associated with Warwick Davis 4chan, a Tweet that had upset the performer and was angry towards the social media platform.

What happened to Warwick Davis? Is he angry on a social media platform? What made Warwick Davis angry? People from the United Kingdom, the United States, and other areas who adore Warwick are surprised to know about the anger exhibited by the actor.

Besides, users also want to know about the platform that made Warwick angry and what they did to Warwick. So, let us check all about Warwick Davis 4chan and the associated recent news through his post.



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Why is Warwick Davis angry?

The actor Warwick Davis is primarily recognized for his performances in “Willow.” He is also well-known for contributing to “Return of the Jedi” as Ewok Wicket. Recently, he criticized Twitter, the online social media network, when the platform ignored his allegations of abuse. 

Besides, the platform failed to delete an “offensive” post from his Twitter account’s timeline.

However, the incident when the hacker 4chan trolled Warwick is of 2019 and is now being circulated on social media since Davis would be seen again in Star Wars.

The tweet, featuring a picture of the star with his spouse and two kids, made fun of the short-height star for getting a “full midget Family.” The user’s name was deleted from the post.

How did Davis Warwick react to the Tweet he received?

Davis reacted furiously to everyone, not only the person who commented about his stature. He criticized Twitter for failing to address offensive behavior strictly. He complained in his post that even after complaining a couple of times and clarifying the offending, the phrase ‘midget’ is for several short heighted people.

Warwick Davis TwitterHe added that the platform persists in permitting the Tweet beneath to keep showing up on the user’s timeline.

Professional details of Davis Warwick:

In the forthcoming Han Solo film, his character will make his “Star Wars” comeback in an unspecified capacity. Ron Howard, the filmmaker of Willow, who reposted s tweet on Twitter, would be looking for him there.

In addition to his parts in “Willow” and “Return of the Jedi,” Warwick also played the title character in “Leprechaun,” which appeared in multiple “Harry Potter” films. Besides, Davis had a minor part in Episode I of Star Wars- The Phantom Menace.”

Net Worth of Warwick Davis:

The annual income of Warwick Davis is about 10 million USD.

Quick Wiki Of Warwick Davis:

  • Real name- Warwick Ashley Davis
  • Date of birth February 3, 1970
  • Place of birth- Surrey, Epsom, England
  • Age- 53 years
  • Profession- Television presenter and actor
  • Children- Three
  • Warwick Davis Daughter Anabelle Davis

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Warwick Davis, best remembered for his role in Willow, was in the news due to his role in Star Wars. It made the 2019 incident associated with Davis recalled when a user named 4chan published a statement disrespecting the actor. 

You can check more of Warwick’s details here. 

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Warwick Davis 4chan: FAQs

Q1. Who is Warwick Davis?

Actor and television presenter

Q2. What was recently circulated about Warwick Davis?

Warwick’s statement showing anger towards Twitter was recently in the news.

Q3. Which platform was Warwick Davis angry upon?


Q4. When did the 4chan incident occur?


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