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[New Video Link] Wagner Sledgehammer Video: Is The Execution Details Present On Reddit? Find Details Now!

Please check out the below article for another gruesome viral Wagner Sledgehammer Video to find out what happened.

Have you heard about the Wagner Group of Russia? Do you Wagner Group recently share a video on the internet? Very few people may have heard about Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group. 

The natives of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany were shocked after watching the Wagner Sledgehammer Video. Keep reading the article to find out what is in the video. 


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What is in the viral video by Wagner Group?

On Monday, 13th February, Russian mercenary Wagner Group released a horrible execution video where a Russian mercenary named Dmitry Yakushchenko fled from Ukraine while fighting. In this video clip, an unrecognized man dressed in camouflage was standing behind Dmitry Yakushchenko in a dark room. He was holding a sledgehammer in his hands to kill Dmitry. 

Dmitry mentioned in the viral Wagner Execution Video that he was in Dnipro, a Ukrainian city. Dmitry was finding some loopholes to run away. Then, the unidentified man raised the sledgehammer and swung it over Dmitry’s head. At this point, the video became blurred. After that, you will see Dmitry falling backward. 

Where was the Wagner Sledgehammer Video posted?

Grey Zone, a semi-official Telegram channel of the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, posted this sledgehammer video of Dmitry Yakushchenko on Telegram. 

Is Dmitry Yakushchenko really dead?

After this video went viral, the Wagner Group said that the video was staged and they were having fun. As the Wagner Execution Video is not authenticated, we could not say if the footage was real or not. 

The founder of Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, posted another video of Dmitry Yakushchenko. In that video, you can see Dmitry in front of a concrete wall saying that Dmitry was forgiven for sharing vital information. The second video is also not authenticated. So, no one knows if Dmitry Yakushchenko is still alive or not. 

Where can we find the Wagner Sledgehammer Video?

You can find the video clip on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. As the video went viral, it didn’t take much time to spread like wildfire. You can find both videos of Dmitry Yakushchenko.

But if you still cannot find the video, please type Wagner Sledgehammer Reddit. Many Reddit users already shared the video a lot. So, you will definitely find it on Reddit. And don’t forget to check our “Social Media Links” section to see recent updates of this viral sledgehammer video. 

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The Final Verdict:

It was not the first time when the Russian mercenary Wagner Group posted such a video. Three months ago, Wagner Group released the gruesome death video of Yevgeny Nuzhin. Click on the link to learn about the recent incidents of the Russian mercenary Wagner Group

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Wagner Sledgehammer Video– FAQ Section:

Q.1 When was the sledgehammer video posted on Telegram?

Ans. 13th February 2023.

Q.2 Who was the victim in that viral video?

Ans. Dmitry Yakushchenko. 

Q.3 What was the age of Dmitry Yakushchenko?

Ans. He was around 45 years old.

Q.4 Was Dmitry Yakushchenko in prison?

Ans. According to the Telegram channel Grey Zone, Dmitry was in jail for 19 years.

Q.5 What crime did Dmitry commit?

Ans. Dmitry was a murderer and robber.

Q.6 Who is the founder of the Russian mercenary Wagner Group?

Ans. Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Q.7 Can we watch the sledgehammer video on the internet?

Ans. Yes. 

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