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Vrishank Khanal Linkedin: Find Details On His Profession, Age, Net Worth, Birthday

The Vrishank Khanal LinkedIn provides details about his Profession, Age and Birthday. Follow our article to know more.  

Vrishank Khanal LinkedIn. Read the article:

Are you aware of the engagement of Prajakta Koli with boyfriend Vrishank Khanal trending on internet? The news about their engagement has been trending in India, and the United States.

Today’s blog will detail about Vrishank Khanal LinkedIn. Read the article below. 

Who is Vrishank Khanal and what is Vrishank Khanal Profession?

Prajakta Koli, the popular social media and TV personality has been the talk of the town after the news about her engagement with boyfriend Vrishank Khanal goes viral on social platforms. The news about their engagement and Vrishank Khanal Profession did gain a lot of social media audience attention. Ever since this news became viral, it has been buzzing on online platforms. Prajakta Koli with boyfriend Vrishank Khanal engagement photos also went viral on social platforms. While everyone discuses about Prajakta Koli boyfriend. The news about boyfriend Vishank Khanal Age trends on internet. Link of Linkedin profile of Vrishank Khanal provided below.

Vrishank Khanal, the boyfriend of the social media and TV personality Prajakta Koli. He was born on 27th June 1993 in Hyderabad. He is presently 30 years old. He is professionally the manager of Legal & Compliance at Morgan Stanley. Vrishank Khanal and Prajakta got engaged recently. He also has passion towards playing guitar and basketball. During his school days, he used to attend events and played guitar in various events. To pursue his career in Law, he moved to Mumbai and attended the Dr. DY Patil College of Law. Before becoming a manager at Morgan Stanley. While people try to know Vrishank Khanal Net Worth. He used to work at Thomas Reuters US Inc as a eDiscovery Service analyst. His Net Worth is $1 Million. In recent times, the news about his engagement trends on online platforms.

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Vrishank Khanal and Prajakta engagement: 

Prajakta and Vrishank having been dating each other since quite a long time now. Vrishank Khanal Birthday is on 27th June 1993. Recently, the two got engaged. The photos of their engagement have been surfacing throughout the social platforms. The entire social media audience were surprised after Prajakta Koli announces her engagement with Vrishank on Sunday morning. She revealed about her engagement through a social media post. The viral post reveal Prajakta with Vrishank Khanal LinkedIn who were looking quite adorable. Prajakta flaunted her diamond engagement ring in the viral post. It’s been 12 years since they have been dating each other. In a recent interview, she confirmed that their relationship was never easy but the couple supported each other in any situations. Vrishank Khanal Age is 30 years as of now. On Sunday Morning, Prajakta shared photos of her engagement on social platforms. There after the news about her engagement has been buzzing throughout the online platforms.   

What is Vrishank Khanal Birthday and how did they began dating?

Vrishank Khanal was born on 27th June 1993. Vrishank Khanal Net Worth is $ 1 million. The couple met each other through a common friend. They came to know each other when Prajakta was 18 years old while Vrishank was 22. They began texting each other on Blackberry Messenger. Soon their friendship turned into love bond. Prajakta accepted his proposal of being his girlfriend ever before meeting him. There after they met each other and their love story continued to 12 years of love bonding. On Sunday morning it was known that the couple got engaged. The images of their engagement trends on online platforms.

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Summing Up:

The couple engagement has been trending on online platforms. To get more details about Prajakta and Vrishank engagement, click on this link.

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