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[Watch] Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral: Explore Details Of Viral Yandex Video On TWITTER, Reddit, And Telegram!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral to know its presence on social media and the internet.

The “Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi” video went viral, with more than 2 million viewers watching the video, more than 91K likes and more than 2,100 comments on a single website. The count increases if we include other Worldwide social media platforms. 

Did you know that the video is from Indonesia and that Bali police are investigating both actors? Let’s check all the facts related to Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral.

Surprising facts about the Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi viral video:

“Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi” means “another red Kebaya”. Kebaya is a beautiful and respect-worthy traditional dress in Indonesia. But, in recent decades, women wearing red Kebaya are viewed in a vulgar sense. It all started with a sensational viral video of an air hostess wearing a red Kebaya. Now, similar videos are shared with the title “another red Kebaya”.

The current circulating video was made viral on Friday, 4th-November-2022. The plot of the video suggests that it was directed for the grown-up site because:

  • The Viral Yandex populated result for /video-206063277_456239399 on one of the blogging websites that showed the full 16-minute uncensored video.
  • The Indonesian woman (a hotel made) wore a black eye mask from the beginning.
  • The video showed a man wearing a towel and a golden eye mask from the beginning. 
  • There was no movement of the camera when both actors were role-playing. It suggested that the third person was not present.
  • The man and the woman may know each other; they might be a couple or in a relationship, who agreed to shoot the video to earn money, as only they were shooting the Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral with mutual understanding.
  • The plot of the video was organized. The made was supposed to clean the room during which the man performed physical acts.

What was shown in the Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi video: 

A made visits a guest hotel room to deliver an ashtray. After placing the ashtray on the table, the made wanted to leave. But the man asks her to clean the water on the floor. 

The made kneels on the floor and bends to clean water with a cloth. The video was shared on messaging platforms such as Telegram. The woman’s sitting position is stressed in the video, and the man starts physically assaulting her.

The YouTube videos only showed images and proper senses from the original video. Only one page was present hosting two links to the video on grown-up sites. 

The data of the video on is specific and private to particular individuals/groups on Censored videos were present on TikTok and other social media platforms.

On, more than eight accounts shared the news of the viral video, including:

  • r/Lomdi_Freakky/
  • r/Toronto_News/
  • u/frostman2345/
  • r/kuriii/
  • r/the_recenttimes/
  • r/roolling_Stone/
  • r/Bug_USA/
  • r/Usa_Wibes/

However, the Reddit pages did not include the uncensored or the original video. The original video is approximately 50MB in size. A few pages redirected viewers to YouTube pages, including /FefjkgExt3w.

Conclusion: pages only included news about the “Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi” video. accounts redirected users to redundant websites under the banner of watching the video, and others redirected users to YouTube channels that included censored pictures-in-video. A account provided links to /film-bokep and /film-jav from grown-up sites, while data related to red Kebaya remained private on

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Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral – FAQ

Q1. Is Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi available on

No. only included news and links for YouTube to view censored picture-in-video.

Q2. Is the Kebaya Merah video available on Yandex?

Yes. Yandex populated the result of a blogging site which included full-length, uncensored video.

Q3. Is the video of Merah Kebaya shared on

As groups are not publicly accessible unless invited, the presence of the Merah Kebaya video is unknown.

Q4. Why did the video make trending news?

The news channel-TribunNetwork discussed the video going viral and the police investigation. Click here to know more.

Q5. Is another red Kebaya video available on TWITTER?

One page included two links for the uncensored video.

Q6. Is the identity of both actors revealed?


Q7. Why was the video short?

Looking at the plot, it is anticipated that the video was made to be sold in exchange for money on grown-up sites.

Q8. Is Kebaya merah yang lagi viral video a soft-core?

It is a grown-up video showing all the private parts of both actors.

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