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Video David Aniaya Twitter: Why It Went Viral On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram? Read Now!

Video David Aniaya Twitter write-up has discussed a brutal attack clip that has gone viral on social media sites.

Has local police arrested Mario Dandy Satrio, an accused in a child assault case? Did David Aniaya survive the ruthless attack by MDS? A disturbing video of a guy lying on the road while perpetrators continuously hit him has surfaced online. According to digital media reports, the guy lying on the street is David Aniaya, and the man hitting him has been identified as Mario Dandy.

The video has gone viral on the internet, and the people of Indonesia and its government have called for stern action against the culprit in Video David Aniaya Twitter.


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Mario Dandy Attack David during GP Ansor Training:

A video has surfaced on the internet that shows a man beating a child lying on the road. The beating incident occurred in the Pesanggrahan area of Jakarta on 20th February 2023. The perpetrator in the clip is identified as the MDS son of a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance. 

Some reports suggest that a girl named Agnes provoked Mario Dany against David, leading to the brutal assault. This incident occurred during a training session of the Ansor youth movement, an Islamic organization in the country.

David Aniaya Video Viral On Reddit:

The video of the brutal attack is circulating on social media sites like Reddit and Facebook. Although the attack video surfaced on Facebook slowly, it went viral on the internet. The Indonesian community page on Reddit has a thread related to the Aniaya incident titled David persecution video.

The video posted on this thread is of fifty-six seconds and has 590 comments. As this thread is active in the Indonesian community, most netizens have a fair idea of the incident and share their thoughts on the viral clip. # Aniaya is trending on Instagram, and many posts related to the attack are available.

Most comments in the thread and other social media sites are directed at the girl named Agnes Gracia Haryanto, the current girlfriend of Mario Dandy and the ex-girlfriend of David.

Agnes Gracia Involvement in Pesanggrahan Incident:

The numerous social posts suggest that Agnes provoked Mario Dandy against David. Agnes complained to Mario about the misbehaviour of David, which caused the unwanted brawl between the two. 

Some comments also indicate that Agnes recorded the attack on David and took a selfie with his injured body. It can be seen in a Youtube video that Mario kept hitting the sprawled body of Aniaya. 

Did David survive the Attack?

David Aniaya survived the attack and is getting treated for the injuries suffered during the brawl. The Finance Minister has called for immediate action against the perpetrators.

Police Action in David’s Persecution Case: 

The South Jakarta Metro police brief says that MDS was arrested on 22nd February 2023, and the victim is getting treated at Medika Permata Hijau Hospital.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The hashtag #Justice for David Aniaya is trending on various social sites, as victim’s families can hope for justice. 

Should action be taken against Agnes Gracia? Please comment.

Video David Aniaya Twitter: FAQs

Q.1 What is a GP Ansor?

GP Ansor is an Islamic youth organization in the country.

Q.2 What is the age of perpetrator Mario Dandy?

Mario Dandy is twenty years old.

Q.3 What charges have the police filed against Mario Dandy?

Police have booked Dandy under Articles 76 and 80.

Q.4 What maximum penalty can Mario Dandy face in the David attack incident?

Mario Dandy can face five-year imprisonment in the David attack case.

Q.5 What post does David’s father hold in GP Ansor?

David’s father, Jonathan Latumahina, is a centre manager at GP Ansor.

Q.6 Is David’s video available on the Telegram platform?

David’s assault video might be circulating in private on this platform.

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