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Velhalla Ido {Dec 2021} Contract Address, How To Buy?

If you are excited about the Metaverse concept introduced by a successful CEO, read about Velhalla Ido, an interesting crypto to explore.

Did you know that Velhalla is a Metaverse? Velhalla is an accumulation of Velas and Valhalla, the hall in Norse mythology where warriors who die in battle spend eternity after death. Velhalla will allow Worldwide investors to plunge themselves into a new Metaverse by Vela’s blockchain. Players can perform many actions, buy and sell virtual land, outfit highly elaborated attributes, and more.

Let us read market trends, supply and price statistics of Velhalla Ido below:

What is Velhalla Crypto?

Velhalla is built for speed, with Velas’ $100 million grant plan. It will be easy to use, efficient, unique and flair in the crypto Metaverse market. Velas is free from over congestion of ETH, which has increased fees. Velhalla fee is much less, making it a user–friendly crypto.

The redistributed cyberworld is inspired by Viking culture and futuristic sci-fi based environments. Velhalla will carry such themes into a crypto Metaverse. As a result, Velhalla features a more mature atmosphere when compared with other crypto Metaverses.

Velhalla Ido will allow its users and investors to carry on development and construct an environment that is interesting to pursue. As a redistributed environment, users will have the ability to create their unique Metaverse. In addition, users will make the content whatever they hope to get out of it.

There is no one set administration in the Velhalla Metaverse. Vela’s blockchain will provide a secure platform for exchange. Velhalla will allow users to express themselves and build their towns, communities, and their own adventure within the Metaverse.

However, Velhalla is more than just a virtual world as it is a cryptocurrency system and beyond.

Velhalla Ido Founder: 

Alex Alexandrov is the founder of Vela’s blockchain. Velhalla is developed by Velas. He is also the founder of Velas.com and Coinpayments.net. In addition, he holds rich experience in the Cryptocurrency market.

Price Statistics:

  • Price–$0.00 1
  • 24h Low/24h High–not provided (due to recent launch of Velhalla)
  • 7d Low/7d High–not provided
  • 30d Low/30d High–not provided
  • 90d Low/90d High–not provided
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High–not provided
  • All-Time High–not provided
  • All Time Low–not provided


  • Total Supply–10,000,000,000 SCARS
  • Initial Circulating Supply–150,000,000 SCARS
  • Circulating Supply –150,000,000 SCARS
  • Total Supply–10,000,000,000 SCARS


  • Initial Market Cap–150,000
  • Full diluted Market cap–100000000


  • Velhalla Ido Team–15%
  • Advisors–7%
  • Liquidity–15%
  • Ecosystem–20%
  • Reserve–7%
  • Staking –20%
  • Private Sale–12%
  • VLXPad IDO–1.5%
  • GZonePad IDO–1.5%
  • Airdrop– 1%
  • Public sale–3%
  • Fundraising Goal–$300K

Price predictions:

The are no price predictions given by Cryptocurrency market experts on Velhalla Token.

How to buy?

  • Velhalla is a ERC–20 based token. The investor needs to use SCAR digital token to pay for the services provided by Velhalla. 
  • For faster, cheaper, and safer transactions; Velhalla SCAR Token, adapted VRC–20 standards.
  • The investor needs to have a digital wallets account on Metamask (or) Trustwallet.
  • You need to connect your digital wallets to various exchanges such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Binance, Ethereum, Tether, etc. for buying Velhalla Ido
  • It would be best to convert USD (or) the cryptos you owe with SCAR tokens to purchase Velhalla.
  • The price of the Velhalla token will vary according to the crypto market.
  • Once you have SCAR tokens in your wallet, you can purchase various items in the Velhalla Metaverse and buy other NFTs.


1Q. What is the official address to buy Velhalla Token?

Ans. 0xf1917c84ccda4171d78b6969274ab343d3abfbc3 is the official address to buy Velhalla Tokens.


As Velhalla Token is a newly launched crypto, the price statistics for the crypto will take time to make it to the market dashboards. Due to this, even the Velhalla Ido price predictions are unavailable. Therefore, though the Metaverse concept is pitched by FB CEO, we advise you to wait and observe the Velhalla trend before investment.

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