Scam Online Website Reviews Scam: Explore The Details On Legitimacy And Reviews

This research on Scam will let you know the current online scam in the name of postal service and the Reviews on Uspshelp.

Have you ordered something online? Do you know the right way to track your order? You can track your order with the United States Postal Service. However, Scam is currently going on and people are getting trapped in the name of providing tracking details of the order. Here we will share all the important details of this scam. So, please read this post. 

About Scam

Nowadays, scammers are using multiple online sites and faking the identities of those sites. In the same way, some scammers are looting people in the name of providing tracking details to the customers. The Uspshelp store sends you a message and informs you that there is an issue with the delivery of your order. So, they may ask for some personal data like name, email, order ID, bank account details, mode of payment, etc. Once you click the link and mention all the details, you may lose all your money as it is a hoax. So, you should be careful if you receive such messages. Reviews

We have explored many online sites to determine if any reviews are there in this online site. Moreover, this site has not been reviewed anywhere and no online site shared genuine reviews on this portal. However, this domain redirects to which is the the official government website and many mixed reviews can be found on this government site. The authenticity of the remains unknown. The social media profiles are available on the official government website. So, it creates doubt in the minds of the users if the site is authentic or not. Moreover, we can check details through the legitimacy of the site. 

The Legitimacy of!

As per Scam, we have tried to find some details on the permissibility of the shop. So, please go through all the points shared in this section. 

  • Trust Index: We have analysed that the got a 3.5 percent trust index which is a poor index. Based on this poor trust index, we cannot trust this site.
  • Registration Date: This was registered on October 30, 2023. This domain is newly registered within a day.
  • Phishing Count: The received an 82 percent phishing score.
  • Malware Score: The received around a 17 percent malware score.
  • Reviews on The Reviews are not available in the name of Uspshelp, but the reviews are present on the official government postal service site. This site redirects to the government site. 
  • Data Policy: The HTTPS Connection is followed by this website. Know the ways to prevent Creditcard  Scamming.


Summing up this post, we have analyzed that the Uspshelp store was enrolled within a day and it received a poor trust index. Thus, this online site seems to be a scam and the scammers are fooling innocent people. You should avoid focusing on such messages and make sure you know the ways to prevent PayPal Scamming. More details on the USPS can be explored here. 

Would you like to mention your opinions on Scam? Please let us know if you have received any such message from the scammer.

DISCLAIMER: The readers should explore the details of this scam and know the permissibility of the website through our research. We assure you that the details shared on this website are authentic and the readers can rely on it.

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