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Usps.drop-parcel Scam: Read To Understand The People’s Reviews Here!

Read the facts about Usps.drop-Parcel Scam, Reviews through considering the article.

Are you aware of this kind of postal Scam? Nowadays, scams are increasing day by day to make prompt money. Here we are talking about Usps.drop-Parcel Scamwhich is rising in the United StatesSo, let’s scrutinize the facts of this trending news.

What is Usps.drop-Parcel Scam?

Even though you might not have been anticipating a box, you might have received a tracking number through text, email, or phone call or been informed that the package was either undeliverable or delayed.

The Federal Messages Commission cautions that these unexpected messages are all part of a broader fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, one of the most common text message scams of 2022 was a fake package delivery fraud through the Usps.drop-Parcel Scam. The con artists sent fake messages behaving as UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service. 

They also provide a link to a website that appears authentic but needs to be more accurate.

Those who clicked the link claimed immediately to pay a little redelivery fee. Getting the recipient’s credit card number and, occasionally, other private data, such as their Social Security number, is a trick. 

Focused on Usps.drop-Parcel Reviews

In our findings, we found most of the negative feedback from its users. Most of the users stated that the behaviour of the staff is ridiculous. The services offered by it are so poor.

Users also stated that the communication service is horrible. The executive talks rudely to clients. Even the postal staff needed help understanding the client’s words. Many of the clients have refused to use USPS services. 

Customers also stated that they are unhappy with its delivery speed and that delivering their package takes longer. It is based on Usps.drop-Parcel Reviews, US Postal Service has a 1.52-star rating. It indicates that most consumers are typically not happy with their purchases. 

Customer service, priority mail, and post office issues are the most commonly mentioned grievances raised by reviewers regarding the US Postal Service. Among shipping sites, the US Postal Service is ranked 440th. The poor reviews from its users create trust issues among the clients.

We only urge before using it to review its valid facts and the client’s opinion. There is also a need to know- How to avoid Credit Card Scam.

 How to report Usps.drop-Parcel Scam?

  • Send an email to to report the Scam.
  • Please copy the text message’s body and paste it into a new email.
  • Don’t click on the link.
  • In the email, put all the details within a screenshot of the message.
  • Mention all the details, like if you have shared personal information, were scammed by scammers, and met with financial loss.
  • If further information is required, the Postal Inspection Service will contact you.
  • To help report the hoax phone number, forward the text message or smishing to 7726.

Usps.drop-Parcel Scam news has been posted on social media sites to create client awareness. Reddit has shared the fraud details on its timeline.

Facebook also shared this scam detail with the authorities in a message to save people from this fraud. Please delete any texts you receive concerning packages awaiting action from the USPS immediately and avoid clicking on any links in them. If you click on these communications, your personal information might be compromised, and they are unrelated to USPS.

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Many users report Usps.drop-Parcel Scam and authorities have taken upon it. USPS services also share tips with clients to avoid fraud. Read here- How to get a refund on PayPal if scammed.

Did you ever cheat by this Scam? Please tell us in the comment section.

Disclaimer- Our intention is only to educate readers, not promote this fraud.

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