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The article highlights all the information related to LinkedIn profile and helps the users find the complete details of the website.

Have you come across a website known as Fetlife? Do you know the details about the website present on LinkedIn? People from the United States are curious to know about the website and are looking for details on what it serves. It is an app made for dating and has the best features and tools for people. It is a dating website that helps people find connections and participate in online conversations.

In this article, we will discuss LinkedIn and let the readers know the details of the app and the reason why the app was created. Stay tuned to this article to know the complete information.


Disclaimer-We do not promote any links in this article, and at the same time, we do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information.

What is

Fetlife is solely created for people to find connections and converse with them. The app is a dating app, and it allows users to find their connections in various locations. If a person is interested in having a conversation and meeting with the person staying in the same location, they can find the profile based on city and state, and they will get all the options present nearby the person.

Similarly, suppose a person is interested in connecting with someone staying in a different country. In that case, they can do so by providing the country’s input in which the person is interested. It is a free dating app that allows users to meet various persons based on location. There are many filters on the website that people can use to find their exact connection, and they can also search for the people according to their location.

Fetlife App Github Download Link

Pipal can download the app from online websites, and it is a great way to start a conversation with an unknown person to find their ultimate connection. The users are requested to download the app for free, and they can create a profile. The next step after signing up is to choose their interests. There are various filters provided through which people can find their possible matches. Based on location, people can easily find the person and the choice of place.

If a person is looking for a person to reside in a certain area, they can simply put the location’s zip code, and they will get a list of all the possible matches who are interested in finding a connection. Also, there is an option where the users can contact the person. Many categories are on the website, and we have not yet found many followers on LinkedIn. But the website is slowly gathering attention, and they are trying to get the details about the dating app.

Why was the website created?

The LinkedIn website was created to make conversations interesting for people, help them find a soulmate, and try to talk to strangers easily through the dating app. Such kinds of apps are always created to provide an easy gateway to people where they can find new connections. The LinkedIn page provides the complete details of what the website offers to people, and after going through the complete details, they can easily download the app from the link present online. 

Not only that but there were also various criminal acquisitions linked with the website where people backlash the website for supporting all the criminal activities through the app. The website was also visited by a person involved in killing a woman, and he had explored topics related to kidnapping and abduction. After the incident, the online website removed various categories.

Complete details about the website

The website allows the members to exchange private messages with the members who are their connections. Many new categories were launched one after the other in LinkedIn  to improve the website’s usage, and now the app allows people to send messages from any member or their followers and friends. On the website’s home page, it has been described as just like Facebook, which is meant for people interested in finding new connections.

The website was created to help people find connections and meet people in person. The app does not support obscene or criminal content, and people must use such websites with caution and safety. For more details, people can visit linked in and find the details of the website given by the founder and check out the ratings of the website available online.

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The app has grabbed the attention of various people, and they are using it in full swing. People residing in one place can connect with those residing in another country thanks to the location input feature provided in the app. Those interested in knowing the complete details of the website can download and search for their own.

What are your views on the app? Comment below. LinkedIn-FAQs

Q1. What is

It is a dating app created to help people stay in two locations.

Q2. When was the online app created?

The online app was created in 2008.

Q3. Where was the app created?

The app was created in Chicago, United States.

Q4. What is the main motive behind creating the app?

The app was created to help meet two people online.

Q5. What are the other features present in the app?

People can send messages to their followers and friends, even if they are not their connection.

Q6. How many followers are there on LinkedIn?

We can only see three followers following the website on LinkedIn.

Q7. How can the users start their conversation with the people interested?

They can download the app online, create a profile, and search for their connection with the same interests.

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