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Txbit Token (Dec 2021) Contract Address, How To Buy?

Have you understood why we should use Txbit Token for future benefit? Then, let us share some abilities of it in this post.

Do you want to keep an eye on the health statistics of your wallet? Then let us notify you about a cryptocurrency and its features. 

What do we look at while buying a cryptocurrency? Is it its security or transparency?

Most Worldwide traders are asking and finding the perfect answers for the same. Well, in this piece, we will talk about a platform that has various facilities embedded. In addition, the platform has different valuable tokens for extracting brilliant profit. 

So, let us talk through the Txbit Token

The Latest Facts of TXBIT Exchange

It is a platform for numerous useful tokens, employing the latest trends and cryptocurrency technologies. In addition, TXBIT has a reliable security system and a user-friendly interface. 

Moreover, in this web application platform, you can switch between the day/night modes. In this medium, a native token named TXBIT is available, facilitating diverse future benefits. Also, it has a great burning scheme for the traders.  

Now, we will see the TXBIT’s owner learn more clues about its roots. 

Who is the Token’s Founder?

As per the sources, Kees Wit and Andrej Safranovic Safranovic is the Txbit Token founder, who helps to focus on trading and manage the website easily.  

Why Prefer the TXBIT?

  • The system interface is modern and simpler that will allow you to manage the profile conveniently.
  • Details of each token listed on this platform are explained openly. 
  • TXBIT shows each currency’s balance sheet for effective trading.
  • The health statistics of each wallet are provided in this medium. 
  • The desktop and mobile experience remain the same upon trading on Txbit Exchange. 

Live Cost of the Token

Upon researching, we have identified that the actual price of the Txbit Token is $0.009813, with a 3818.39% increase. In addition, its 24-hour volume is $1,793,524. 

Market Cap and Other Data Trends 

  • The total’s total supply is 2,000,000,000.
  • Its market cap is $263,456.
  • The all-time high of the token is $0.01554.
  • The TXBIT’s max supply is 2,000,000,000.
  • The full market cap is $19,626,911.
  • TXBIT’s self-reported circulating supply is 25,000,000.00 TXBIT.
  • The 24-hour volume of TXBIT is $1,793,524.
  • The 7-day high of the token is $0.01554.
  • The all-time low of Txbit Token is $0.0002498.
  • Token’s 7-day low is $0.0002498.

TXBIT Features 

Some features of the TXBIT’s includes: 

  • Rapid Transactions: Their custom build system works in real-time, enabling transparency to users. Thus, ensuring safe and hassle-free deposits and withdrawals procedures. 
  • High Performance: The trading engine of TXBIT handles thousands of trades every second without crashing the site, and it is all possible due to TXBIT’s increased efficiency. 
  • Increased Security: The safe deposit facility keeps the user’s capital safe by employing modern and reliable security technologies. Also, their cold storage wallets contain over 90% of customers’ funds.

Where can We Get the Txbit Token?

The PancakeSwap (V2) is the favored exchange platform for TXBIT’s token with the available pairs of TXBIT/WBNB. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the URL to TXBIT?

A1. The official link to Txbit is https://txbit.io. 

Q2. What is the Suggested Exchange Platform of TXBIT?

A2. For now, you can swap the token via PancakeSwap (V2). 

Q3. What is Txbit’s Contract Address?

A3. 0x339fe932809e39a95b621a7f88bbf6c08eb6c978 is its contract address. To track the token’s live price, visit here.

The Final Verdict

With this article, we have studied Txbit Token and its owner. In addition, the latest statistical figures of this token are also evaluated in the post. 

We have seen that TXBIT has numerous facilities such as high-performance rates, safer transactions, etc., to satisfy the traders. Learn more about Bitcoin Scammer List 2021 here 

Do you prefer this token to others? Do comment to us below. 

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