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[Leaked Link] TWITTER Zanele Sifuba Video: How The Clip Went Viral On Reddit & Telegram? Get Info on Husband & Daughters!

The article describes the recent update on leak TWITTER Zanele Sifuba Video and also mentions the facts on this incident.

Do you know the recent video controversy of famous South African politician Zanele Sifuba? It is reported one of her private videos was uploaded on social media. After this video incident, many Politician has reacted about this incident.

The video is already seen by millions of people worldwide. The film and Publication Board requested Twitter to remove the tape. Now we need to discuss the matter of TWITTER Zanele Sifuba Video.


Know the Incident in Brief? 

As per the report, the private video was uploaded on social media platforms this week. After this video-uploading incident, many politicians reacted to the issue. First, they condemn this incident. 

On the other hand, one report states an unknown character asked for 300000 rupees from Sifuba. But when she refused to provide the amount, the person shared her private video on social media. Experts think it is done as an extortion activity. Police and the cyber team are now investigating this incident’s facts. 

Viral Clip Link On Twitter

After this incident, the Film and Publication Board requested Twitter authority to remove the video as soon as possible. In a particular application, the Film and Publication authority requested Twitter authority to remove the tape. 

We have yet to get a recent update that Twitter has removed or not that video. But while we are checking the Twitter account, we find that the actual video still needs to be there. But it is also true; we see many comments that people have already gone through the video. You can check the Twitter account as well. 

Other social media

It is reported the video is uploaded on Reddit also. Many people also have seen the video on this platform. We also tried to investigate the account, and we found that, yes, 2 days back, the video was uploaded to this account. 

We find a header on Zenela Sifuba’s video. On the left side, a small image of Sifuba was also uploaded. Let us be clear that it is a private video. For this reason, we can’t share the video in the public domain. 

Many say the video is also uploaded on the Telegram account. We checked the facts and found that already 432 subscribers have checked this video. 

We have investigated Africanhubleaks account as well. And we saw a post of this video on the channel. It is more than a 1-minute video. But for your knowledge, you can also check the link to this account below in the respective heading. 

Many people also reacted to this video. But we need to find out if the legislative authority or Film and Publication authority have requested this channel to remove the video of Zanella.

Husband‘s Reaction 

The full name of Zanele is Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba. She is a famous South African politician and speaker of the State Provincial Legislature since 2019. Sifuba is also a member of the African National Congress.

Sifuba was a teacher from 1999 to 2019 before being elected as speaker of the Free State Provincial Legislature. But while we are trying to know her family’s reaction to this video leaked incident, we get her husband’s name is not mentioned anywhere on the internet. Even Sifuba herself never said her husband’s name or whereabouts publicly.

But we find she has three daughters and one son as well. But the other details of her children are not available on the internet. We only find some images (sources not checked) on the internet. 

Social Media Account of Sifuba

We are the only social media account of Zanele Sifuba. 

Disclaimer: We can’t publish this video link due to privacy and legal reasons. Besides this, we never support and promote this kind of video. All the details present here only for informative purposes. 

The Last Update 

As per the recent update, the police are investigating all the incidents. But for some reason, the investigation authority doesn’t reveal any news on this investigation. 

On the other hand, we have yet to receive a statement from Zanele Bifuba on this incident. Zanella is the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly. Watch her video link on this incident.  

TWITTER Zanele Sifuba Video– FAQ

Q1. ) What was the profession of Sifuba? 

   She was a teacher.

Q2. ) When did she leave the education job?


Q3. ) What is the name of her husband?

   Name not disclosed.

Q4. ) How many children does Sifuba have?

  Three daughters and one son.

Q5. ) What is her educational degree? 

 Sifuba did a Bachelor degree in Psychology.

Q6. ) What is the name of her political party?

 African National Congress.

Q7. ) What is the net worth of Sifuba?

  450 K USD. 

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