Best Top Ten Brands of Shoes in World

Top Ten Brands of Shoes in World

Shoes are the type of footwear that are used or protect the foot from any injury or damage during locomotion. Now days these are also used for fashion, sports, hiking, running, and medical purposes. These are designed in many ways depending upon its use. But the main purpose of the shoe always remains the same that is to prevent damaging feet from any harsh surface or ground. These are available in different styles and different material ranging from plastic to leather shoes. Shoes are named accordingly depending on their use for example, sleepers, snickers, joggers, boots etc. “Save 20% On Orders w/ Pavers Discount Code

Top ten brands of shoes in world

With increase in the demand of styles in foot wear. There are several companies who started making shoes with new, unique and different style along with different manufacturing materials. Some companies got popularity due to their reliability of shoes while others got famous because of their unique designs and stuff. Top ten companies that have made their name in the field of manufacturing shoes are listed below

  1. Nike
  2. Reebok
  3. Adidas
  4. Puma
  5. Bata
  6. New balance
  7. Woodland
  8. Sketchers
  9. Peter England
  10. Vans


Nike is a multinational company that not only deals in manufacturing shoes but also garments, accessories and other equipment. It is famous in making tightly fit shoes. It regularly introduces new technology and material with increased cushioning and comfort property. 


It is an international American company. Reebok was founded in 1958 in collaboration with other company of J.W. Foster and Sons. Reebok is popular in manufacturing most comfortable shoes among all other companies. It provides with the wide variety of shoes with different and unique designs. 


Adidas is among the best companies that design footwear as well as other accessories and clothing. It is considered as the largest shoe manufacturing company in Europe. Adidas come on second position after Nike in ranking.  


It is a well-known brand. Puma’s footwear, accessories and apparels are considered outstanding. It is also a very big fashion and footwear manufacturing industry. It makes both casual and sport shoes. It is third largest company in the world which has made name in manufacturing goods. 


It is a big company that was founded in 1932 by a person named Tomas Bata along with his helpers. Bata provides to its customers with the high quality and variety. Bata Corporation is famous in making luxurious shoes that to all age group, males and females.

New Balance

New Balance is a shoe manufacturing company that is famous in making sports shoe and accessories. Many sports like golf, soccer, cricket, football, basketball and tennis shoes are highly manufactured under the corporation of new balance.  It provides the customer with best fit according to his foot. It has a command in classic designs. 


It is considered among the top three highest brands of United States. It deals in both casual as well as athletic footwear. It provides shoe with wide variety, styles and designs. 

Wood land

Woodland is a Canadian company. This brand is popular for the long lasting capacity of its footwear. As their name indicates they usually give a look of wood to their footwear.  It provides with best durability and quality of its shoes. 


James van established Van Corporation in 1996. It is an American brand. Initially the focus of brand was on manufacturing athletic shoes. It deals in cool colours and provide its customers with full comfort. 

Peter England

Footwear of peter England greatly suit to be used for professional purpose. It also deals with men’s clothing and accessories. “Save 20% on the White Company Discount Code

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