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The article on Toni Fowler New Song Mpl Music Video has all the details about the topic. Read to know more.

Do you know Toni Fowler? What is the new MPL music video? Why are she and her new song trending on the internet? The article on Toni Fowler New Song Mpl Music Video has all the details about the topic. Her fans and critics from the Philippines demand a detailed analysis of her new music video. So, read the write-up properly and get to know the facts.


New Music Video ‘MPL’ By Toni Fowler & Controversies 

Controversies surround a new song and its music video of Filipino singer Toni Fowler. Because the content of the song and its video is highly explicit. The video is available on Youtube, and contrary, the video is undoubtedly not for underage kids. But even though its explicit nature, the video can be easily found on the internet, and it is open to everyone. 

People were questioning the rating authority for not showing concern over the video. But the MTRCB has stated in this regard. It clearly said that ‘in the first place, the video was not sent to them for review, and if they had reviewed Toni Fowler New Song Full Video, they would have given it the bad rated. And it would mean that the video is unsuitable for general public exhibition.

Disclaimer: We will not provide any URL to the MPL music video as we do not support and promote such content.

Details on Toni Fowler & Music Video

In the music video, Toni was herself performing mature and intimate scenes. Her clothes were revealing, and it was very raunchy. Her appearance, actions and clothes, everything was explicit. 

Name Toni Fowler
Nationality Philippines
Birthdate 23rd July 1993
Profession Singer, Model, Actress and Instagram Influencer
Relationship Status  She was married to Rob Moya, but they are not living together now.
Children A daughter, Tyronia Fowler 
Religion Christian
Education Not known 

 Social Media Connections

Instagram-Page Link

Toni has 1.1 million followers, and she is following just 39 people. She has provided the manager’s details in the bio.

Facebook Link

YouTube Link

She has 7.33 million followers on her channel and posts videos regularly.


Toni has got over 300,000 followers on her Twitter page. Her location on the page is pinned at Quezon City, and she joined the network in 2016. She is very active on all her social media pages.


The article discussed the new music video of the MPL song and its controversies. The explicit music video is trending on Tiktok and everywhere. People are discussing the negative impact of the video on the kids, as the video is easily available to the public. Let us read what MTRCB has to say about this issue.

Have you watched the MPL song video? Please tell us your views on the music video.

Updates on Video Viral On Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who is Toni Fowler?

A1. Toni is a singer, actress and model from the Philippines.

Q2. What is the name of her new song?

A2. Toni’s new song is ‘MPL’, and she has collaborated with ‘Freshbreed’ for the song.

Q3. What is the controversy related to the music video?

A3. The music video’s content is mature and very intimate. But the video was publicly available.

Q4. Is the video deleted from Telegram and other networks?

A4. Many have tried to remove it, but the video can easily be found.

Q5. What does MTRCB have to say about the video?

A5. They said that if they had reviewed the video, it must have been bad rated.

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