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Tokens Astd {Sep 2021} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

This article mentions a famous gaming token that allows gamers to improve their winning chances in the game using special powers. Read more about Tokens Astd.

Are you interested in playing games on the popular online gaming platform Roblox? If yes, you might have heard about the most popularly discussed gaming Token, which helps to buy additional gaming skills, game points, power and other features to gain additional benefits in the new gaming levels.

Gamers from the United States are very excited to know more about the features that help gamers get an advantage over other gamers. Read the complete article to understand more about Tokens Astd.

What is ASTD Token?

This Token is a currency present in the All-Star Tower Defense game, available on the Roblox gaming platform. Four different currencies are used in this game, including cash, gold, gem, and tokens. Tokens are the most widely used currency by the gamers.

The gamers can use this Token to buy different additional gaming features supported by the gamers. It helps the characters present in the game to increase their level and get additional powers and functions. Each special power depends upon the selected boosts by the gamer.

Tokens Astd

  • The tokens are a type of limited time-based currency.
  • That method has a very low chance of getting obtained by the gamer.
  • If the gamer kills an enemy in the game, he will be rewarded with tokens.
  • These tokens can be obtained from the Summerfest Event.
  • It can be traded to buy a summer pack with the Travelling Merchant. The summer pack contains unit skins and mounts.
  • The other benefit includes the trading of EXP III and The Curse One.

  Founders of ASTD

 Details regarding the founders of ASTD are not available online. If there is any update on the information on the founders of Tokens Astd, it’ll be mentioned in the upcoming article based on the same topic.

Market Supply:

  • Total Supply: Not available.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap:  No details available.
  • EXP III value: 15 tokens.
  • The Curse One cost: 190 tokens.
  • Summer Pack price: 270 tokens.
  • Total number of holders: Not available.

 Travelling Merchant Features

  • It is a type of NPC to trade using tokens.
  • It is a character that appears for only 15 minutes and can appear randomly.
  • He carries a backpack with tokens inside.
  • When he arrives, the game will inform about his arrival. Tokens Astd can be used to trade with him.

About Curse One

  • A type of AoE is based on a five-star ground that deals with the Yuji Itadori from the famous Jujutsu Kaisen, which can be traded.
  • He is available with the Hero Summon.
  • He is not involved in any part of the evolution.
  • He is also considered to be better awakened by most of the people.


  • It takes 15 tokens as a price to fill a character up to level 80.
  • It is a 5-star based unit developed to use as a food source to elevate other characters. It can be traded using Tokens Astd.
  • It cannot use fed units to increase its level.


Q1: What are the evolutions in Curse One?

A1: The first evolution was 2x- The Curse One, then it was 3x Curse, then 2x Curse II, and 2x Curse III.

Q2: What are the features of EXP III?

A2: It can also be used to change Gate to King of Heroes as an evolution and also it helps to deploy upgrades, when troops are sold in half.


Tokens can be used in the Roblox platform to improve the gaming experience. Gamers can effectively use these tokens according to their gaming style. To understand more about Tokens Astd, please vis.

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