Tiger King Coin Price 2021.

Tiger King Coin Price (July 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

Tiger King Coin Price (July 2021) Chart & How To Buy? >> The post below will give you all details about the prominent coin in the crypto world. Please go through.

Do you know there are more than 6000 tokens traded publically worldwide? You can imagine digital currency hype and fever by its number. Today in this post, we have brought you all details about the crypto coin that is trending in the United States and the United Kingdom.

By referring to Tiger King Coin Price, all your queries related to the token will be solved. So let us get started.

About Tiger King Coin

Tiger King is a new digital currency and meme coin launched on Ethereum later in May this year. According to the official website of Tiger King crypto, every purchase of the coin will add the value of Joe’s bag.

The main idea behind this is that the price increase will help Joe to pay his legal bills and aid in cancer treatment.

Founder of Tiger King Coin

It is a community-founded coin. The exact person’s name is still hidden; but it’s said to be inscribed by Joseph Maldonado-Passage, popularly known as Joe Exotic, a media personality himself. 

Tiger King Coin Price

The current Tiger King price is 0.000012 USD and a trading volume of 37,15,452 USD for 24-hour. In the past 24 hours, Tiger King is up by 173.25%. 

  • Contract Address: 0xc626d951eff8e421448074bd2ad7805c6d585793

Tiger King Coin Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Rank: #2609
  • Market Cap: No Data
  • Holders: No Data
  • Transfers: No Data
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 936,746,473,141
  • Total Supply: 1 trillion Tiger King Coins (35% burned)
  • Trading Volume: $3,715,451.85
  • 24h High/24 h Low: $0.00000401 / $0.00001411
  • 7day High / 7day Low: $0.00000184 / $0.00000903
  • All Time High: $0.00001408 -9.9% (Jul 07, 2021)
  • All Time Low: $0.00000135 836.2% (Jun 11, 2021)

How to buy Tiger King Coin?

Before trading know exact Tiger King Coin Price; then follow simple four steps below to purchase the token;

Step 1: First Install Metamask

Go to Google Chrome, strike the Metamask official website, download its chrome extension, and put up a wallet. If you are an iPhone & Android user, you can still download the MetaMask app. 

Step 2: Transfer ETH to MetaMask

Send Ethereum to newly installed Metamask from your current wallets like Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Binance, or you can also buy Ethereum within Metamask. People worldwide want to know Tiger King Coin Price and all other detail everything is covered here.

Step 3: Now Connect to Uniswap. In step 3, connect Uniswap and wallet together so that you can directly transfer ETH for $TKING. 

Step 4: Now it’s time to swap Ethereum for $TKING; while doing so, make sure you set slippage to 5% and input how much amount of Ethereum you want to swap.

Give few minutes time to arrive token into your account and you’re done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Tiger King Coin?

A1. While exploring more about Tiger King Coin Price we found its official website as https://www.tiger-king.org/.

Q2. Where to buy Tiger King Token?

A2. The current and active exchange for TKING is Uniswap (v2).

Q3. Is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

A3. Yes, it is listed on Coinmarketcap. 

Closing Thoughts

We are only crypto supporters and not a financial advisor. So we suggest not to take this article as an investment guide. You can know common scams in crypto here

However, all the details about the coin, including Tiger King Coin Price, is mentioned here; please refer and go with a small investment if you are a beginner.

Are you making your mind to invest in any Crypto? Please share your words with us in the comment box below.

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