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Tiffany Moss Crime: Explore Recent Update On Tiffany Moss Case, Also Check If Autopsy Photos Still Available

The article on Tiffany Moss Crime explained all the details about the brutal assassination case.

Do you know the case of Tiffany Moss? Want to know about the details of the case? In this article, Tiffany Moss Crimewe will discuss the details and recent updates about the case. People from the United States were shocked when the case first surfaced in 2013. Please read the article carefully if you want to know all the facts about this case.


Recent Updates on Tiffany Moss Case!

On Tuesday, the Gwinnett County’s jury recently handed a death sentence to Tiffany Moss, a 40-year-old woman. Tiffany is guilty of killing her step-daughter Emani Moss by starving her to death. Emani was a Ten-year-old girl who was also physically assaulted by her stepmother. She died on 28th October 2013. After nine years of her death, the court handed punishment to the perpetrator, who is Still Alive

Tiffany Nicole Moss is sentenced to death punishment, and Eman Giovanni Moss is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Moss has been found guilty of all the charges and hasn’t shown any emotion of remorse or regret. 

Case Details 

Eman was ignorant towards her daughter and the treatment she was getting from her stepmother because he was never at home. In a statement, he said that one day he found his daughter in the bathtub shivering; he took her out, placed her on the bed, and tried to feed her, but the attempt was unsuccessful. And soon, Emani died of starvation, and Autopsy Photos showed that she was just 15 kilograms. 

Disclaimer: The facts about the case of Emani Gabrielle Moss have been gathered from credible internet sources. 

Covering-up the Assassination

Though Tiffany intentionally starved Emani to death, she and her husband tried to cover up the killing and decided to criminate the body. They stuffed her in a trash bag and tried to burn it in a secluded area. After all this, Eman went to work the other day and told his friend about her daughter’s death. Per his friend’s advice, he informed the police about Emani’s death. He tried to cover up the assassination by telling police that she consumed some dangerous chemical and he wanted to cremate the body. Meanwhile, Tiffany fled with her children. But the truth about Tiffany Moss Crime came out soon after the autopsy of the dead body, which they found near their house.


The article has explained all the key details about the killing of a ten-year-old girl by her stepmother. Tiffany Moss (stepmother) staved Emani to death. She died on 28th October 2013, and the couple tried to cover up the killing afterward. Recently, on Tuesday, the court handed a death sentence to Tiffany Moss and life imprisonment without parole to Eman Moss. For more details, click here.

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Updates on Tiffany Moss Crime: FAQs

Q1. What is the Emani Moss case?

A1. A ten-year-old, Emani Moss, was starved, by her stepmother Tiffany Moss and died on 28th October 2013. 

Q2. What happened to Tiffany Moss?

A2. Recently Moss was punished for her crimes, and the court handed her a death sentence.

Q3. Did Tiffany Moss appeal against the sentence?

A3. Yes, in 2019, she appealed against the sentence she was given. 

Q4. Who is Emani’s biological mother, and where is she?

A4. According to sources, she is alive but surrendered her parental rights just after Emani’s birth and had no contact whatsoever.

Q5. Is the Tiffany Moss Crime documented?

A5. Yes, the trial and the evidence of Tiffany have been duly documented. 

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