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Tears Of The Kingdom Leaks Reddit: Explore Full Information On Tears of the Kingdom Artbook, LeaK And Tears of the Kingdom Switch

Kindly go through the Tears of the Kingdom Leak Reddit article for information about the leaked pictures.

The pictures of the upcoming action-adventure game “The Legend of Zelda” leaked. Have you been in search of an article related to the leaked news? Are you eager to view the images of the art book? Fans in the United States and the rest of the world surf the internet to find images. Read the Tears of the Kingdom Leaks Reddit article for complete information without distraction.


What is the news related to the leak?

On Reddit, an anonymous user has leaked pictures of the upcoming sequel of The Legend of Zelda game. The sequel is titled “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdoms” and will launch on May 12, 2023, for players to enjoy the game. But some spoilers have posted pictures of the art book.

The 204 pages artbook pictures got leaked on the subreddit as the GamingLeaksandRumours loom over the game’s artwork. Even though the work is related to Japanese art, so copying is a little complicated, but the Tears of the Kingdom Artbook leaks with spoilers and disappoints the fans.

Fans would like to view the related pictures in the game, but spoilers have distracted their surprise with leaks. But the developers are quite surprised by the possibility of confidential artbook pictures leaking. The moderators removed the Leaked pictures link from the Reddit platform, violating the guidelines of their community.

What do the Tears of the Kingdom Leak consist of?

The pictures posted via leak is not informative. We find different art pictures in the book with no proper sequel such that the viewer cannot understand anything. We find images of the wingsuit, the environment, friends, enemies and some familiar faces from the old game. We find fish and animals that hope to be present in the game.

On JustJulinOffic and Neeklemamp is the user’s discord; we grab the leaked pictures. The pictures are floating on fans’ discords. But the art book must reach as a bonus with the purchase of the game.

We inform you of Tears of the Kingdom Switch in the below paragraph. We provide the official Nintendo Switch link to buy and preview the game’s official trailer. The player can buy the game vouchers on the official site before the launch.

The pre-ordered digital version is USD 69.99 and CAD 89.99. The players can earn My Nintendo Gold Points for more games and DLC. The Nintendo game vouchers are worth USD 99.98 and CAD 132.99.

Until now, there has been no official statement from the developers yet. The switch will launch a few months ahead, but the Tears of the Kingdom Leak Reddit seems quite significant for the game developers. 

We are against the leaked pictures as they are the spoilers’ work. Have a press on the official link mentioned below.

Nintendo Switch


We share the information about leaked art book pictures of the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game by the spoilers on Reddit. Leaking of the pictures is an act of spoilers of the game and should not be encouraged. click here for more information 

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Tears of the Kingdom Leaks Reddit FAQS

Q1. What are Tears of the Kingdom game?

Tears of the Kingdom game is the sequel to “Zelda: Breath of the wild”.

Q2. Where does the artbook pictures leak found?

The leaked pictures were shared on Reddit.

Q3. When does the game launch?

 The game launches on May 12, 2023.

Q4. How many pages of the art book leaked?

A total of 204 pages got a leak.

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