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Talecraft Crypto {Dec} Price, Market Supply, How To Buy?

This article describes a token representing an NFT based gaming project that rewards its gamers with NFTs and tokens. Read on Talecraft Crypto.

Are you someone looking to invest in potential crypto gaming projects based on NFTs and blockchain technology? If yes, you are at the right article that explains the recently popular crypto project discussed among the crypto community members.

Crypto enthusiasts from the United States and other parts of the world are eagerly looking for valuable NFT projects to invest their capital and reap a good return in a few years. To understand more on this topic, continue reading on Talecraft Crypto.

About TaleCraft ICO

TaleCraft ICO is an Avalanche-based Gaming NFT project that includes card games. The NFT minting takes place using the cards that include the creation of craft using four major cards available on the platform and then making a profit by selling them. The value of the card varies based on the market conditions.

The card owners can do the selling every week, and as the number of cards is limited, the card’s value depends on the demand for that particular card on the market. These are managed through the NFT Metaverse project developed on Avalanche.

Talecraft Crypto

  • The cards are the main element of this NFT project, and $CRAFT tokens can be used for NFT transactions.
  • There are a total of 160 cards available for the users. There are also five different tiers present.
  • Each card has a different value that depends on the rarity and difficulty in producing those cards. 
  • It cost 10 $CRAFT and 0.1 AVAX fees to purchase Alchemist’s Chest.  This chest controls the outlet of four main gaming elements.
  • There is a minimum of 1 $CRAFT that the user needs to pay for exchanging the NFTs.

Market Capitalization

  • Talecraft Crypto Price: $0.280000
  • Market Rank: No data
  • Initial Circulating supply: 1739500
  • 24h High: N/A
  • 24h Low: N/A
  • Tokens for Sale: 3,215,000 $CRAFT
  • % Of Total Supply: 11%
  • Soft Cap: $300,000
  • ATH: N/A
  • ATL: N/A

Founders and Team

  • Fu. St is the founder of TaleCraft Labs.
  • Er. Gu is the Business development chief of the company.
  • Si. Gu is the COO.
  • Se. Gu is the development chief.
  • Me. Uy is the community manager.
  • Di. La is the head of design.
  • Ian Friend, Patrick Boismenu, and Ivan Tomic are the strategic advisors.

Where to Buy $CRAFT?

  • To buy Talecraft Crypto, the user needs to visit the official website of Avalaunch.
  • Then the user needs to register an account on Avalaunch.
  • The next step involves KYC verification.
  • After registration and submission of KYC, verify the wallet. Wallet verification is an important step as only the verified wallets are allowed to participate in the process.
  • Then the user can participate in the sales or staking. Staking allows the user to earn token allocations in ISOs.
  • For sales registration, the user needs to confirm their interest in Avalaunch project participation. After the end of the registration period, the user needs to wait until the next sale.


Q1: Is Talecraft Crypto listed on CoinMarketCap?

A1: Yes, TaleCraft ICO is listed on CoinMarketCap. All the necessary information related to this token is mentioned in CoinMarketCap.

Q2: What is the token allocation strategy of TaleCraft ICO?

A2: For staking 150,000 tokens, for private 142,000 tokens, for public 1,312,500 tokens, for colony airdrop 60000 tokens, and for partnership 75,000 tokens.


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