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Syn City Crypto (Feb) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

The below-mentioned topic contains every detail of Syn City Crypto to help you know about its launch date and allocation, with the profitability potential.

Syn City is a newly launched free-to-earn and free-to-play platform to help participants earn more while enjoying games.

Many users across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, and other parts of the world have shown interest in Syn City.

So, let’s know what Syn City Crypto is and if it has the probability of succeeding in the coming time.

What is the Syn City token?

The new free-to-play platform, Syn City, is also a free-to-play platform that helps users play and earn together. It is an action-adventure RPG where players or participants may expand, trade, and manage their syndicates and empires.

Besides, PvP, PvE, daily events, and Syndicate events, including cross-chain Mafia warfare or wars, allow participants to grind. You must explore Syn City’s official online platform to get the latest update on its features and digital token.

Who founded Syn City Crypto? 

A few of the investors of Syn City are as follows:

  • Justin Kan
  • Alex Pack
  • Paul Menchov
  • Elliot Wainman
  • KSI
  • Do Kwon
  • Robin Chan
  • Kain Warwick
  • Kieran Warwick
  • Jordan Momtazi
  • Alex Backer
  • Luke Wagman

Spartan Group, Hyoeredge, iAngels, Merit Circle, A&T, Shima Capital, Animoca, Longling, Superpower,  and others.

Price chart of Syn City Token:

  • Price-  0.02 USD
  • Token allocation for each applicant- 400 USD 
  • Auction Launch date- January 21, 2022, and January 24, 2022
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- USD
  • Circulating Supply- Not Available
  • Maximum Supply- Not Available
  • Total Supply- Not Available
  • Syn City Crypto Amount to Raise- Approximately 500 000 USD 
  • Market Rank- # Not Available

Price Prediction and Statics of Syn City:

SAND, MANA, and AXS are the primary participants in Syn City, a newcomer in metaverse gaming and crypto platforms.

The SYNR or Syn City token is being launched shortly through IDO over Polkastarter, the decentralized exchange.

Syn City proposes to give over the network’s governance to its members by utilizing the decentralized aspects of blockchain.

Moreover, it promotes itself as play-to-earn gameplay without any barriers to entry for new participants or users of Syn City Crypto.

Is the Syn City token a good investment?

You can earn assets and expand your business empire by lending or borrowing, farming, trading, raiding, looting, owning businesses, building, and several other Mafia tasks or activities.

The governance token for the Syn City metaverse project would be SYNR. You may also compete against rival criminal groups for global dominance. 

Syn City promises no restrictions, unlike several blockchain gameplays such as Axie Infinity, which require new players first to purchase crypto tokens.

How to buy Syn City the token?

Syn City is all set to launch shortly, and the date of the copper launch auction is January 21, 2022, at 09:00 a.m. PST/ 05:00 p.m. UTC, and Syn City Crypto auction launch on January 24, 2022, at 03:00 p.m. PST/ 11:00 p.m. UTC.  

The platform will enable users to participate in voting and staking to determine the governance of its platform.

Another advantage is its ability to stake Syn City tokens to elect syndicate leaders.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the price of Syn City?

  1. The price of Syn City is 0.02 USD.

Q- How much amount would be raised over Syn City upon launch?

  1. Syn City Metaverse looks to raise about 500 000 USD via IDO on January 20, 2022. Also, check here for more on Syn City token


Syn City Crypto is prepared to launch its auction on January 21, 2022, and January 24, 2022, with an existing growing community of more than 497k members.

About 8,000 NFTs of more than three million USD were sold out in eighteen minutes and are all-time number one in volume.   Also, read about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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